How Many Are Listening Your Tweets?

Twitter is a place where one can share his ideas with the followers he has. Moreover, his tweets can be read not only by his followers but also by people who are eager to learn about the information posted by him without having any account on Twitter. Twitterians are eager to be read by the […]

Banners For Your Facebook Profile

If you often visit many Facebook profiles may already have encountered some profiles with banners. You can create your banners for facebook profile. There are many applications that provide same service for you so easy and fast, among the main applications are: My-Banners You can tweak the look of profile by My-Banners. You can create […]

Cool Twitter Tools

Through the Internet you can find out the optimal number of auxiliary services for social networks. Today we bring for you some tools for Twitter. TwBirthday The site Twbirthday remembers the date you joined Twitter, also tells who is the godfather of your profile. Mentionmapp Mention Map crawl with one click all the iterations of […]

Marrying Email Marketing to Social Networking

Companies that choose to stay in touch with their customers via social media have a great advantage over their competitors. By posting information to popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, a company will reach a bigger audience and, in all likelihood, attract more visitors to its website. These efforts, combined with the strategic measures […]

5 Social Networking Sites to Promote Blog Post

Social Networking is the next big thing in the world of Internet. This is a human network where you can reach a wider audience and larger base of customers that you will be targeting. Social network comprises of human being as their main actors and this makes it an ideal place where you can publicize […]

Facial Recognition, Facebook, and Everyone Knows You: Warning

Social media marketing and online marketing got a boost from Facebook this week. Now armed with only a photo, everyone will know who you are. Are you concerned about privacy issues and Facial Recognition technology? In a world that has become obsessed social media marketing, and we all share every bit of our lives on […]

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