What we learn from recent Cambridge Analytica breach

Whenever we decide to explore some news channels on our TV channels over spectrum cable or any other media service. We surely bump into a currently most controversially discussed topic “Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal”. Presently this is one of the biggest scoops in journalism realm. There is a lot of random discussion about it, hoax […]

Facebook Data

Ten Ways How Facebook Uses Your Personal Data

Facebook has turned 11 years of age this year. With the monstrous development in clients throughout the decade it has likewise created huge income. Being the most utilized online networking stage, Facebook has baffled its clients greatly on a substantial scale with its insidious security approaches and unwelcomed shocks present in its terms of administrations. […]

Is Hashtag really helpful in Facebook?

Hash Tag convert text on your page or time-line into click-able links. Any kind of text can be Hashtaged. It could be a topic or a phrase for example. It is Facebook’s way of categorizing all the posts and making them available with a single search phrase. This is a handy index of topics that […]

5 Facebook Apps for Ecommerce Traders

It is a fact that these days, advertisement via social media sites has gained a lot of popularity. The major reason behind this success rate is that nowadays a large number of people prefer to use different social media sites for promoting any product or service with ease, and for this, they develop strategies. However, […]

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