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If you often visit many Facebook profiles may already have encountered some profiles with banners. You can create your banners for facebook profile.

There are many applications that provide same service for you so easy and fast, among the main applications are:


You can tweak the look of profile by My-Banners. You can create and customize your facebook banner easily. You can also select banners from categories including quotes.


With FBanners you can create a custom banner just by uploading a picture or photo. You can also crop  and resize to fit in shape.

The banners are divided into several categories that make your choice as teams, bands, cities, movies, Celebrities, etc.. To send the banner to your profile just click on the banner of your choice and follow the instructions the site gives you. You can even send banners to your facebook friends.

23 thoughts on “Banners For Your Facebook Profile

  1. is it possible to stuff the website’s link??

      1. cool.. quite a good feature.. thanks for sharing…

  2. Wow … pretty cool !! Thanks for the share Isha

  3. From a long time i was offline from Facebook but it’s time to do something with it. Thanks for banner.

  4. Recently i had also put banner in my Fb Profile but wasn’t aware how to create profile banners.
    Thanks for Sharing Nice Info.

  5. FBanners works great! thanks a lot for the share.

  6. Hey Isha thanks for sharing. I will definitely try this.

  7. I see these on friends’ profiles and have never even thought to use it for the company’s Facebook profile. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Looks cool, I have seen banners in many of my friends profile but didn’t know how to create it. Thanks for sharing Isha, will try it 🙂

  9. I’ve seen that on a lot of people profiles and I’ve always wondered how they’ve done it. Thanks you for enlightening me.

  10. Thanks for sharing Isha. Will it resize the image upload or we need to upload exact image?

    1. you can re size the image to fit in shape and then upload it.

  11. Nice share. I have applied this trick….and really it works. 🙂 Best of Luck. 🙂

  12. I have already done this. The problem with this is – when someone tags you in a pic, the banner will be disturbed!

    You can also tag your friends in those 5 pics(in the order) to put your banner in your friend profile 😀 😉

    1. @Praveen restrict the tagging facility through privacy control to get rid of the problem as stated above

  13. Hey Isha, very nice and to the point tutorial

  14. Great resources, thanks…

  15. Hey, this is a pretty cool idea, thanks for sharing.

  16. Great share, Isha.
    I thought people are doing this manually, this is a very useful app.

  17. Nice tip Isha. I have created one for my profile.

  18. There are a ton of apps for profile banners on facebook. Many of these are premade, or you can make your own. Most of the time you just need to like the app in order to use it. The one I use is fbanners

  19. This looks cool, will try one for myself. Thanks for sharing.

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