How Many Are Listening Your Tweets?

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Twitter is a place where one can share his ideas with the followers he has. Moreover, his tweets can be read not only by his followers but also by people who are eager to learn about the information posted by him without having any account on Twitter.

Twitterians are eager to be read by the people who follow them, but is it so in reality? As far as my own opinion is concerned I can say that not all your tweets find their readers on Twitter. I can even say that if you tweet something of this kind, “Great article. Check it out.” and provide with the link to that article, very few of your followers are likely to click on that. Don’t be offended, Twitter is full of this kind of tweets so yours will also be lost in that ocean.

Another reason why your tweet may remain unread is the fact that Twitter users tweet a lot so your wall must be updated very frequently in order to be able to place all of them. I myself cannot manage to read all the tweets of all my followers. Only the luckiest ones have the chance to be read by everyone and always.

So here another question arises, “What to tweet in order to be read by followers?”. This is not an easy task, if it were so everyone will have millions of followers and won’t need to buy Twitter followers. However this is a problem and it needs to be solved.

The most important rule for Twitter users to comprehend is the once which says, “Don’t tweet about your personal life”. Bear this in your mind and stop burdening people with useless information about the size of your shoes or how well your mother can cook. This will not help you become successful on Twitter, just the vice versa, it will create instant problems with your followers. Details about personal life are interesting only in case you are a celebrity or the president of some powerful country.

The second rule you must be aware of runs as follows, “Don’t post too many links”. I am an active user of Twitter and I encounter with such kind of tweets very often and, to tell the truth, it really gets on my nerves (it irritates not only me but the majority of Twitter users). Links are good but only in case they matter something. What I mean by saying matter.

Try not to post links only for posting it. Twitter has limitation on the character, so use them reasonably, do not just think about quantity as quality is much more important in this case.

The third and the last rule you have to follow is that you have to tweet information you yourself find interesting. I mean that you shouldn’t tweet just for the sake of the increasing the number of your tweets (as sometimes you can meet accounts with 1 tweet which doesn’t look promising.) So think thoroughly before posting a tweet as your success or failure greatly depends on them.

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9 thoughts on “How Many Are Listening Your Tweets?

  1. Very nice and informative article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great share Roman … Pretty nice set of rules, strong likes for first and third 🙂

  3. Yes I agree with you completely, it’s very hard to know whether or not people are even bothering to read your tweets. You really need to just tease them and then have a link to the post to try and win them over

  4. I think its important to add some personality to your twitter profile as well. I’m not saying you should tweet every private thing you do in life, but at least some important events to make it more personal. But as you have mentioned majority should be about the niche you are focusing.

  5. Nice points, I personally feel that you should tweet about things which you actually cares and thinks that it’s resonable for your followers as well. I mean you feel that yes this stuff is good and your followers should know about it. By maintaining your tweets quality you can make your followers to read most of your tweets.

  6. I can’t answer to your “in question” title directly but I see to it that my followers are real. I can prove it as I got some hits into my blog from twitter.

    I don’t see it not cool to tweet about our personal life. Sometimes I tweet something personal which I believe that will inspire some bloggers to pursue something too. I think it can be that it’s not good to tweet private confidential information in who the hell will do such…

    Anyway thanks for sharing this post. Liked it 🙂 please follow me on Twitter and I gonna follow you back 😉

  7. To make your followers and other readers to read most of your tweets you must follow these points.

  8. Thanks for the share Roman. Twitter is a great SNS site and developing traffic source for me.

  9. Tweeting every little personal information is a bit annoying, but so is tweeting only business-professional links you haven’t even read. There is a fine balance between annoying and interesting!

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