Finding Safety in the Cloud

As we move rapidly into the future, businesses are looking for more comprehensive network solutions. Data is becoming a larger part of our personal and professional lives; faster Internet speeds, an increase in data traffic across computers and mobile devices, and consumer demand for more has facilitated this increase. As a result traditional modes of […]

Healthcare and Social Networks: The Next Big Thing?

Sure, social networking is fun, but can it also be useful? While we flock to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to stay updated on our friends, post about the meal we just ate or make plans for doggy dates, the U.K. recently launched Just Visiting, a social networking site and forum that allows patients to connect with friends […]

Marrying Email Marketing to Social Networking

Companies that choose to stay in touch with their customers via social media have a great advantage over their competitors. By posting information to popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, a company will reach a bigger audience and, in all likelihood, attract more visitors to its website. These efforts, combined with the strategic measures […]

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