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Social Networking is the next big thing in the world of Internet. This is a human network where you can reach a wider audience and larger base of customers that you will be targeting. Social network comprises of human being as their main actors and this makes it an ideal place where you can publicize your blog and other products.

Here are some of the popular social networking websites that you might consider to publicize your blog and posts:


This site is no doubt the World’s #1 social networking website with user base more than 750 million. This makes up for little more than 10 per cent of the world’s population. With a user base of such a large community and people you should not find it difficult to share your blog posts with them.


This is a micro blogging site that requires you to express yourself in the standard 140 characters. The site is simple as following the person or any community and let others follow you. You tweet to the world about almost any topic on the world. Twitter is the best tool for the bloggers who want to promote their blogs. Many of them have a dedicated account for this purpose only.


Before Facebook, MySpace used to rule the world of social networking. But since then a lot of changes have taken place but nevertheless this site is still used by millions of people worldwide which is a healthy audience for your blog posts.


This is Google’s introduction in the social networking. The site is widely used in many Asian countries and Brazil is known to have a wider influence on it. You can create pages, communities and other promotions that will be related to your blog. You can hold various competitions from time to time so that user remains interested in your site always.

Google Plus

Finally this is the Google’s answer to the Facebook who has captured all the market in terms of social networking. The site was in beta version at the time of this writing but it is only by invitation. Since I have an account of it and the least I can say that the site is designed in exceptionally manner where you can organize your contacts according to your wish. There is a concept of circles where you can promote your posts accordingly.

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30 thoughts on “5 Social Networking Sites to Promote Blog Post

  1. Great share Akshay…. No doubt facebook, twitter and G+ (ofcourse) are great networks to promote blog post 🙂

    I don’t see any benefits from Orkut and Myspace….so they’re out of my list

  2. I Like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in this list 🙂

  3. For me FB and G+ are really cool to promote the blogs.

  4. Google plus looks to be a good traffic source for my blog. Also using the circles feature it is very easy to show our post only to targeted people, those who are not interested in blog posts will not see that 🙂

  5. Sharing you blog post by using the social networking site is the best way to drive traffic and inform you reader and frend about the blog post . Now google + has also been added to the list of social networking site so it may be also a great source to drive traffic

  6. All are give exposure but orkut and myspace gives less because people comes for entertaining on such social site

  7. Yes social networking are great resource to promote blogs ,website or business. but also offline business owner can still get big advantage from it. i saw now a days my local business guys using facebook and twitter to increase sale and popularity .

    thanks for this post. i goes for FB and Tw..

  8. I would consider myspace and Orkut less important now.

  9. Used to promote site with Facebook and Twitter, Now will use Google Plus too for promotion.

  10. Sharing your blog post by using these social networks may beneficial for us . It may drive direct traffic to site

  11. Sharing you blog post by using the social networking site is the best way to drive traffic and inform you reader and frend about the blog post . Now google + has also been added to the list of social networking site so it may be also a great source to drive traffic

  12. I use Google Plus,Facebook and Twitter to promote my blog posts.

  13. I was pleasantly surpised by Google+! I never thought that any platform can surpass Facebook on the social media front. I think it’s going to take a while – But Google will eventually take Facebook’s place. Probably not in totallity – but its going to give Facebook a run for their money!

  14. I agree with Vishnu. Digg and StumbleUpon are also very helpful. I’ve been Stumbling for a couple of years or so now and it’s been great in helping me find sites that were very much related to my interests, along with other unknown places in the Net. As for Myspace, I dunno, really… seems like it’s been taken over by too many sellers of various products. It’s a highly commercialized networking site by now. Google+… well, I’m eager to see what it could lead to… could it really topple FB eventually? wait and see…

  15. Thanks for providing this list.But I’m surprised at the inclusion of Orkut.Because in the last few months I’ve seen a decline in orkut users.Even the people who were using orkut from a long time have migrated to Facebook especially in one of the biggest markets of Orkut i.e India.And now Google+ has much better features than orkut.

  16. I use above social networkings to promote my blog posts, but my first priority is facebook..

  17. The only Site network i used are Twitter and FB, These site helps alot on promoting my blog to rank. Digg and StumbleUpon are also very helpful. Then You can bookmark it.

  18. I think twitter is the best place for blog promotion if and only if you have an already existing twitter account with a lot of followers. What good would it be posting quotes and links to your blog if nobody can see them? As for facebook, although it is the number one social network, it is more focused on connecting with friends and acquaintances, so the audience you will be reaching is closer to your already existing social circle, unlike twitter. I don;t see how any of the other websites can be of any use. Myspace is already dead, and google plus is not there yet. May be in a couple of years when it replaces facebook.

  19. social networking websites are great way to promote blog posts to get traffic . I use Facebook and Google+ to promote by blogs.

  20. orkut is going out and google plus is coming in

  21. Strange…LinkedIn is missing!!!

  22. Facebook is definitely on my list and I haven’t tried google plus. I don’t like orkut that much since many community moderators and owners won’t allow anyone inserting any link of blog post. I guess Facebook is really best for me.

  23. Thanks for the list….yeah LinkedIn is missing..though it is a restricted form of social network (it’s a professional network).

    Regarding Google Plus…well the future seems to be big for it…I was just wondering and wondering how Google could remain so sluggish and bank only on Orkut despite the rising popularity of Facebook…well trust the Google folks to churn out something super…Google Plus not only is a social network, it also helps in personalising search results. Well let’s see!

    1. The post is still from July 2011, but I think LinkedIn at that time is competitively popular. But these are the top5 so maybe LinkedIn is number 6. 🙂

  24. I think this is a great article! In my opinion Facebook is the best for getting yourself out there, I have seen many adds or groups gaining numbers from just a simple click! Awesome article! Thanks again!

  25. Do you think Google+ will ever overtake Facebook?

  26. Not sure why you mention Orkut, who uses that network.

    I tried it out about 18 months ago or so, I did not it. All the other suggestions are great, it`s getting harder to promote blog`s these days and anything to be honest.

  27. nice article website promotion is nice way to get traffic and increase popularity on web. social media site is very helpful to promote website online and facebook and google plus is best for that.thanks for sharing.

  28. For me Facebook and Twitter are best sites to promote blog posts 🙂

  29. Nice and informative post

    Social networking site are mainly used for advertising online marketing of business or websites and their products. The above post consists only few of them , there are many other like LinkedIn, Digg, Tumblr, etc . Using social networking sites for promotion of business is a smart way as to reach high volume of audience this is the best place.

    Thank you for sharing

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