10 Things You Should Know About Google+

After the rush of the frustrated Google with Buzz and the Wave, The new bet for the technology giant is Google +, a social network that promises to be a great competitor of Facebook. And it seems, the competition wants to closely monitor the progress of the project. A profile and popular Google+ circle and […]

Transfer Your Facebook Photo to Google+

Google+ is a social network launched to compete with Facebook. Time will decide, who is going to win the race. But if you’re already using it and want to copy your images that are in your Facebook profile, here are two tips. Move2Picasa The simplest way is to use Picasa, Google’s virtual album, integrated with […]

Get Your Google+ Invitation

Google is now ready to give a competition to Facebook with it’s new project in the face of social network, Google +. People started using the service and they are liking the new service more than facebook. But the project has been started for a small number for peoples  and require invitation to join in the network. […]

15 Tools For Information Seeking in Social Networks

Today the population is frantically. Many times even a subject that you believe to master, can occur so quickly that news beyond its control and become “outdated” in minutes, such is the speed of information. Often, especially for bloggers it is very important to know what people are talking and discussing about a certain topic. […]

The Benefits Of Twitter For Business

Twitter and tweets have taken the world by storm, spreading news, information, personal opinions and advice. Even those people living in secluded areas or those opting for solitude, can access news and inputs and gain knowledge by reading others’ perspectives by simply using Twitter.

How to Use Social Media for Better Business Performance

The latest buzzword in business and social circles is social media. It not only provides a fast route to personal popularity but just as much to business success. In fact, businesses not incorporating social media into their business plans are losing out in a big way. Social media is easy to learn, understand and adopt without seeking professional help, and without having to incur huge expenses. Once implemented the results in terms of better business begin to show from day one. A few tips to begin with social media will help to get started on this positive business tool:

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