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Mobile Searches Set to Change UK SEO Consultancy in 2012

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A major trend set to affect UK SEO consultancy in 2012 is the major growth of mobile searching. This is due to the smartphone boom which has resulted in more users now having mobile internet access than ever before. A recent study commissioned by Cheapflights.co.uk determined that were 11 million smartphone users in the UK in 2011. Not only that, but smartphones have adapted to create a more usable and browser-friendly interface for users to surf the web through developing larger screens that are touch controlled. Personally, I feel the development of touchscreen technology was one of the biggest factors to increase my use of mobile internet – it just makes it much easier!

 In addition to the technological advancement of smartphones, the most popular websites on the internet have responded by making mobile versions of their sites. Mobile websites (with the address http://m.) are compressed versions of the full site but easier to read and interact with on mobile devices, as opposed to the tiny font on less tech-savvy websites that constantly needs zoom adjusting.

The above developments have combined to create a trend in 2012 that is going to broaden the scope of SEO consultancy significantly. Basically, the volume of mobile searches is expected to increase significantly by key industry personnel and marketers engaging in SEO consultancy will have to adapt by considering this factor in producing future web content.

The importance of mobile SEO has already been brought to the attention of US websites by Google in an advertising campaign – HowToGoMo. In March, the UK was the next destination for Google’s campaign, entitled GetMo, which highlights the importance of businesses performing SEO in relation to mobile devices. Google has placed a strong emphasis on the future of mobile and has responded by providing people engaged in SEO consultancy with an online test environment, developer guides, resources and case studies in order to help develop SEO content that succeeds on mobile platforms.

Despite the surging growth in mobile searches among consumers, “…the majority of businesses don’t have mobile sites or a mobile strategy for connecting with them”, stated Ian Carrington, Head of European mobile advertising at Google.  Google also revealed that mobile searches have increased by 400% over the past two years with 84% of UK consumers having conducted a mobile search. The trend of mobile searches is one that UK SEO consultancy professionals will have to address over the coming months. The biggest initial factors will likely be the development of a mobile site and mobile strategy.

This guest contribution was submitted by Jag, a member of the digital marketing team at London based PPC Agency Cayenne Red. She is a regular contributor on how companies market themselves in the digital age, and also specialises in electronics and gadgets.. If you would like to write for us, join Cyber World Community.

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  1. Today, most of the users surf on internet through smart mobiles. With the development of touch screen technology, it become easier to use internet on mobiles. I agree with you that the volume of mobile searches is expected to increase significantly by the key personnel and online marketers.

  2. Mobile search has increased dramatically in Sweden and a similar survey showed that there is more mobile search than the traditional search methods.

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