Hashtags: Coming to a Facebook Page Near You

Everyone “likes” Facebook these days, but not many people know about the social networking giant’s secret plan to take over hashtags. For years, Twitter has held a virtual monopoly on these things, but it’s been giving up ground to Google+ and Instagram. Now Facebook is finally jumping onto the hashtag bandwagon. What does this mean […]

Why to Use Facebook on your Smartphone

Facebook is the biggest social media network site that has more than 1 billion users around the world. The amazing thing about this network is that it is improving with time and total users are constantly increasing. A recent report last month indicated that mobile users of Facebook had surpassed the desktop users. This has […]

7 Ways Facebook Brings The Magic Back In 2013

Facebook is introducing new features and releases in the privacy settings which are made provided with shortcuts. Few more changes can be found in the requests and removal tool as well. By new features, user is no longer required to follow the map for changes in privacy settings and account pages, the pages with more […]

Implement Social Shopping Using Facebook

Now is the age of social shopping! While e-shopping is greatly transformed into social shopping, soon will come the time when social shopping transforms into Facebook shopping. Well and around 40% of onliners are using social networking sites to shop online. Hope everyone owns an account on Facebook and you’ll never be an exception from […]

Have Some Facebook Manners

There are still a select few who have been able to resist the temptation to board the social media bandwagon but for most of us, the temptation proved to be too great. A lot of us now rely on our news feeds, packed with information that is either useful or useless. Despite our love for […]

Create Your Own Facebook Store with Magento

A few days back, there was one thing about Facebook which greatly bothered eCommerce businesses! They were actually anxious that the site of 750 million users has got nothing to favor with online shopping and eCommerce. With the ultimate power of Facebook, estore’ers really had known that if social shopping had been introduced in FB […]

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