Programming Languages Used in Web Development

Websites are similar to desktop applications in terms of usage of programming languages. Websites that only require a simple online presence are built using HTML which is a markup language and such sites are not dynamic. HTML is the basic language of the website however if one requires a dynamic website the kind that uses […]

Is Hashtag really helpful in Facebook?

Hash Tag convert text on your page or time-line into click-able links. Any kind of text can be Hashtaged. It could be a topic or a phrase for example. It is Facebook’s way of categorizing all the posts and making them available with a single search phrase. This is a handy index of topics that […]

Give Your Site a Makeover By PHP Web Development!

HTML is a good technology but it has it’s limitations and thus it is hard to incorporate all the top features using just HTML during Web Development. Thus during web development in India or any other country for that matter it is often seen that PHP is utilized. In fact HTML web sites are limited […]

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