Android ‘Key Lime Pie’ – Expectations and Possible Features

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Not even a fortnight into the New Year and things are already heating up. Especially in the Android world, where expectations are high from the latest version of Android, Key Lime Pie. Google has constantly improved on each of its operating system version and there’s every reason to believe that the latest will be no exception. There is indication that the company will go the Google Cloud way and perhaps connect Android@Home, Android OS and Google TV all together.


The changes are apparent if you look at Jelly Bean. Google worked on creating better battery life, user interface, superior quality with project butter and overall automation. Key Lime Pie will take it one step further. The user interface has gotten better, speed and performance in Google’s Play Store has improved by leaps and bounds. We will see a deeper integration between Google Now and Android as well. In fact, we’re in for a superlative experience with both the notifications and notifications bar being part of Google Now. We’re also going to see more of Project Glass.

Project Glass is Google’s ambitious eyepiece that contains a 720p high definition camera, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth and head tracking sensors. All these apps will help you with texting, browsing the internet and visual navigation. The headset comes with other cool features like a compass, gyroscope and GPS. Project Glass tries to create a sense of heightened reality and has created a lot of buzz since word of existence first came out.

Not excited enough? Here’s what else we think might be the features and expectations from this sweet treat.

  • Fewer Updates

Hopefully the new Key Lime Pie reduces the number of updates expected of users. While each update might offer great many things, the user should be allowed to make the final choice on whether to go ahead with it or not and at what level the phone or tablet needs to function. Here’s hoping that the new version brings fewer updates with it.

  • Better video

What’s the point of a cool operating system if the front camera is merely decorative? We’re hoping the company considers a video chat app which seems only logical seeing that every single smartphone has a front facing camera. Or did Google think we only like to take pictures of ourselves?

  • Better integration with social media

As much as the guys in Google may deny in, Google+ is no competition to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. So admit it already and please give us those apps? You’ll earn our eternal gratitude for it.

  • Ease of profile settings

You’d never think that switching from regular to night mode or to create a reading mode is such a tough task till you dealt with an Android phone. So many boxes to check, so many places to go to and do the checking. It is a maze, for a beginner and even when you’re not a beginner it sure is a pain. Hopefully Key Lime Pie makes the process simpler and customizing profiles is easier than it is right now.

  • Multi-select option for contacts

You absolutely have to share information with friends and family. Some of the fun and excitement is lost when you need to go name by name. Right now the process involves emailing a person and adding the others one by one. Wouldn’t it be simpler if we could scroll through and make a list of frequently contacted contacts?

  • Better gesture and facial recognition

This isn’t new, seeing how we’re familiar with Blink and Face unlock. We also have Viewdle to add to the mix. It would be great to have facial recognition for videos and pictures and some kind of gestures for games or to unlock the phone.

Apart from all this, we’re hoping to see:

  • Smart dialing features
  • Swype keyboard
  • A better voice assistant
  • Google Notes app

It will be interesting to see how many of our wishes come true. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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