Getting a Streamlined Look for your Facebook Pages Is Important

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Whenever you create a page for your business it is crucial that you have to provide a streamlined look for your page. Having a streamlined look for the pages will make it easier for people to get the correct information easily for which they are searching for.


Facebook has decided to provide a streamlined page for your business purpose page. Here are some key features about this new update:

Updated Design of the Timeline page

The column in the right will display all the posts on your page. This one column display means that all your posts will appear constantly on your page and in the news feed.

The left side column of your timeline will provide your users the information about your business, products and services including all your small details like the map, working hours, your phone number, URL of your website including the photos and the videos.

Easy Accessible Admin Tools

The admin tools are very easy to access now. No matter where you are on your page, you can always view information about your ads that you are running. Also you can check the new likes on your page at the same time including the unread messages and the notifications. You can check any section in this for any kind of details that you are looking for.

Facebook has also added new navigation options at the top of the page to make your accessing easy. The audience menu at the top of the page offers direct access to your Ads manager account.

Pages to Watch

As Facebook is rolling out the new design of the Pages, the new pages are also providing with a Watch feature in the page insight tool for all the available admins. This new feature of Watch, allow admin to form a list of the similar pages of its own and then comparing the performance of their pages with the business they care for.

On the overview tab of the page admin can see some basic statistics about the pages they are scrolling into. The posts tab of the Page insight will include a feature to view the most engaging post from the number of pages that you are looking through.

How will these changes affect the marketers?

With the introduction of these changes, Facebook says that these changes will help the page admin to access the page easily and will also help your users in finding the right information that they need. You will also be provided with the Watch feature in the Page Insight tool for admins that allow the marketers in keeping their tabs on at the similar page or at the competitor’s page and will let them track their performances.

No matter where you are on the page, you can check the activities anytime and you can view whatever you want to including the ads and likes on the page. The new look is upgraded and fun to deal with. Enjoy!

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  1. I just want to ask a question about Facebook page. I am unable to change my page’s name. How to change it?

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