Facebook’s Expansion: An All in One Social Network?

As if Facebook needs any more of the limelight. It has been sprawled across almost every media publication for a number of months now, and most recently for all the wrong reasons, with the IPO fiasco and subsequent legal proceedings against them. During the lead up to the IPO, Facebook seemed to be changing strategy, […]

Safety Tips to Secure Your Facebook Account

Now a days Facebook turned into a fever worldwide where every day the number of users rapidly grows. Not everything is wonderful and also the number of users who complain about the privacy grows every day. However, these same users need to know a little about the available options in the settings of the social […]

India is the Fastest Growing Market for Facebook in the World

India is the fastest growing market for Facebook of all the major nations in the world, with more than 40 million users across the nation. There are a number of reasons why India has experienced a faster rate of growth than other comparable markets. Firstly, India has recently experienced a huge growth in the proportion […]

Tips for Getting Traffic from Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks. Besides socializing with people, Facebook can also be used for business. It can help you promote your services and products, to attract traffic to your website or to get new clients. Compared to other social networks, Facebook offers more possibilities. The following are some guidelines that […]

Banners For Your Facebook Profile

If you often visit many Facebook profiles may already have encountered some profiles with banners. You can create your banners for facebook profile. There are many applications that provide same service for you so easy and fast, among the main applications are: My-Banners You can tweak the look of profile by My-Banners. You can create […]

Facial Recognition, Facebook, and Everyone Knows You: Warning

Social media marketing and online marketing got a boost from Facebook this week. Now armed with only a photo, everyone will know who you are. Are you concerned about privacy issues and Facial Recognition technology? In a world that has become obsessed social media marketing, and we all share every bit of our lives on […]

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