Entrepreneur should know 25 terms to succeed

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Every entrepreneur wants to expand his business. If you are also one of them, then in order to be successful in that, you need to know some basic terms, which will be very helpful throughout the entrepreneurship journey.


The details are as follows:

Server Hosting

This type of server provides the facility of internet to the customers, which is very important nowadays because everything can be found online easily, which is why everyone wants to use it. Hosting can be related to the company information such as a website, email, or data of the company.

Data storage

You need to have a record of everything that you do in your business and that is why it is important to have a safer place to store data either electronically or manually.

Cloud hosting

Recently you have heard a lot about cloud storage, which is an open network and available for everyone to access information. It stores your data for free as much as you want.

Web hosting

If you want to expand your business by considering link building for it then for this, you will need web hosting, as you do not have to run just one website for the audience but a number of them to target your market.


Content Management System or CMS refers to the management of the content of the website, which gives information to the customers about the website. Without content, a website is useless. Thus, you can say that this is a very important tool for an entrepreneur to consider.

E- Com

We all know that these days, everyone prefers to access everything virtually. The best is to go with the trend and have a source to transfer information electronically via email, message, video, etc.

Linux hosting

This is an operating system, which is very reliable and safe for web hosting, which is why it is preferable by majority of the entrepreneurs.

Virtual merchant

It is a fact that you need a person with technical skills also known as virtual merchant, who can handle all the e-commerce work from selling till the payments.

Cloud Backup

As mentioned above about the cloud storage, it is best for storage, as it can retrieve your data within seconds, which you have stored for your future use. Thus, instead of a USB drive, cloud storage/backup should be preferred.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is another important term to know by every entrepreneur, as it is all about promoting your product online while being creative in a unique manner.

Point of Sale

In this technological era, there are different methods for payments such as cash, credit card, debit card, PayPal and much more. To accept all these modes, there are different kinds of systems like point of sale.

Merchant Account

You need to have an agreement with the bank related to your business, which will accept the credit/debit card payments and for this, you will maintain a merchant account.

Mobile Apps

You should also develop apps for your website through which people can have an easier access to learn about your business.

Customer Software Development

This software is used for daily operations and preferred to avoid mess because of countless entries.


Enterprise Resource Planning software manages accounting, inventory, and human relations of any business so that it can be organized and easily accessed by anyone, who is the part of that business.

Project Management Software

It allows an entrepreneur to complete a project in an organized and efficient way within the estimated time.

Software as a Service

This software allows you to deliver your business information through the internet, which makes it quicker and saves time.

Business Intelligence

A business can collect its information and can use it in a broader way for better business analysis by considering this software.

Contract Management Software

This software helps you to be on track with the contacts related to business such as employees, vendors, customers, etc.

Performance Management Software

This software is best to record the performance of the employees so that you can judge if everyone is performing well or not. In simple words, the data on this software helps you to analyze the performance of employees.

Practice Management software

This software is used to process day-to-day operations such as billing, appointments, and much more. They are mostly used in medical offices.

Customer Management Software

This software is used to manage the data of the clients so that you can grow relationships with them, which is a very important aspect to consider for everyone, who is about to start a business.

Learning Management

This is the best software to train the employees and to improve their performance at work so that they can work efficiently.

Document Management

It allows sharing of all the information including major activities, net worth, and much more with the organization.

Managed services

This service helps to record day-to-day business activities, organizing, and reviewing them later to keep a track of the business flow. These are 25 simple terms, which every entrepreneur should know about to become successful. If the entrepreneur will understand them completely then there will be rare chances of failure in his entrepreneurial journey.

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  1. Great post man ! Every businessmen should be aware of the above mentioned terms and the technologies if they really want to succeed and see their business growing.Thanks for sharing the information


    1. Yes Pramod if you really want to do something excellent in business then must follow the golden rules.

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