10 Non-Technical ways of making money from social media

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When talking about making money from the social media platforms, most of the people think that it is a very technical job. That is why most of us especially the small business owners hire the professional social media marketers who can market their business or the products on the internet. Because of this, they pay them heavy capital as the fee for their services on the monthly or weekly basis. For a person whose business is small and he still needs to pay the bills for the things like that, it is not suitable and not something any entrepreneur wants. Albeit, this is not a problem which would take a lot to be solved.

The primary reason why an ordinary businessmen or the young entrepreneur believes that it requires special skillset to do social media marketing. They believe that the social media marketer get some special training and the education which is the only reason they can provide the marketing services. Conversely, all of these things are wrong. You may require some knowledge to perform high-end marketing education to be the professional, but for marketing your own business when you know, everything about it doesn’t ask a lot. With the little guidance which doesn’t include any technical methods, you can start your own social media marketing without paying anything to anyone. Moreover, this is not limited to any business or the company, if you have any skills or the talent, you can still make money from the social media platforms.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you those ten non-technical ways through which you can easily make money from social media marketing.

Pin your product on Pinterest:

Even the social media marketers won’t recommend you to use the Pinterest for your marketing. However you will find the expert and experienced marketers using the Pinterest for selling the product. Moreover, there is no technical things to understand in the Pinterest if you have used it ever. You just have to create an account, engage people in the community by pinning other’s people photos in your Pinterest boards. Once you get enough audience, then sell your product or your skills by uploading the photos that entice people.

Open your shop in Instagram:

Just take a picture, use right hashtags and mention the price. Selling something on the Instagram is that simple. Opening an account on the Instagram is also not that hard. If you are already on the Facebook, then you can open your account through your Facebook account. You only need a smartphone with good camera and the little sense of marketing and the target audience. You only have to find out either your target market use Instagram or not and will they buy your product or services through Instagram. Once you get the answers of these questions then you can easily start your marketing from Instagram.

Write your heart out:

Because social media has great number of audience, you can easily find people with different kind of interests. That is why if you have some writing skills then you can easily find your market here. Instead of finding any occasion to showcase your talent of writing, you can create your own exhibition of your skills. If you would be good enough in writing, then you have great chances of finding someone who can hire you for writing something or assigned you some tasks as the freelancer which can be the start of your earning from writing.

For Editors:

Because of high rate of video views on the social media platforms, you can find people there who knows the worth of a good editor. Take out the best editor in you and create account on the Facebook and the YouTube and start uploading the best edited videos of yours. Upload your videos on the platforms and build your audience. Through this, not only you can meet someone who can offer you a job but also you can earn through YouTube ads.

Social Media for Beginner Marketers:

The students who recently started their education in the marketing and field related to it, the social media marketing can be a great post where they can find the internships. Because social media marketing is not that expensive and the scale is not as big as traditional print and electronic marketing, social media could be the place where you can try some of your skills.


The days are gone when you need to find a stage with the audience to showcase your sense of humor and the talent of making people laugh. God knows how many great comedians we lost just because they didn’t manage to reach the stage and to the right audience. But thanks to the social media, you doesn’t need any stage and you can, easily find the people on it because social media is the source of entertainment and infotainment for everyone. All you have to do is to record your videos with the best jokes that you can crack and upload it to the Facebook or the YouTube. These videos can be the standup comedy, any gig or any prank with the people. You can even post funny stories or the any sarcasm on anything which could build your audience and can make your name in the market.

Your gallery of creativity:

Whether you are a writer, designer, actor, singer or you have any other skill or talent. The social media platforms can work as the hall of your creativity. You just have to think like a marketer as much as you can. Showcase your perfect work and use the right words to describe your work and attract your customers. Treat the queries with all humbleness and professionalism and wait to hit the jackpot.

Sell Properties:

Not just the shoes or the designing services, the social media has the power of selling the land and properties. Take the pictures of the apartment, bungalow or the palace if you have and share the pictures on the social media to buy a buyer. Ask your friends to share your pictures too so it can get maximum reach. It will save you in paying the percentage to the real estate agent and you can get 100% of your money by selling your property.

Teach through YouTube channel:

If you are expert in something or you are a professional teacher. You can start your classes on the YouTube as well by uploading videos. However, the viewer would not be paying for the lessons just like in school and college where student pays the fee, but you can earn through YouTube monetization. Just develop a large audience and post the videos every week and let the YouTube add some cash in your account through advertisement in your videos.

Become the partner of Amazon:

Everyone knows Amazon and how it changed the culture of shopping. Moreover, it also provides a chance to its consumers to become its affiliate partners. Just join the Amazon affiliate program and market the Amazon’s product. Every click on the link that you market will earn you a small percentage of that sale.

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