Use Your Smartphone to Find Love

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If you are just getting into or back into the dating scene, you will be surprised at the way technology is changing the face of mingling. There are several smart phone apps that will allow you to meet the person of your dreams or even find out if he or she is lurking nearby!

Here are some of the most popular apps and some information about each.

Meet Moi

Possibly the coolest of the new dating apps, Meet Moi searches continually for potential dates in your physical vicinity. When it finds one, it alerts you on your phone and asks to make an introduction. If both people are agreeable, a virtual intro is performed and the couple can chat and even decide to meet if they like—especially since they are already so close! This is one of the first mobile dating apps to be integrated with Facebook.


Available for both iPhone and Android smart phones, Skout is similar to Meet Moi in some respects. It, too, searches your vicinity for matches or friends with similar interests. Skout is also integrated with Facebook; in fact, you sign in using your Facebook account. This may make it less privacy-friendly for some users than other apps.


Like the popular activity, the SpeedDate app allows you to connect with people, show your profile, and make instant plans all from your smart phone. You can wink at others or chat and can keep a running “gallery” of your recent matches. Designed for iPhone users.


Like other programs, FlirtMaps gives you a Google-map view of those users around you who are also signed up for the service. This Android-friendly product allows you to see who is online and sign in using your Facebook information. You can also follow the app on Twitter, and there are international versions for several countries including Brazil and the UK.

Dating DNA

This was the first dating app for iPhone users and many users still swear by it. Users can post messages and use a special score key to view dating potential. The best part of Dating DNA is that it remains totally free, unlike other apps that want a monthly fee for emails or other forms of communication.

Match Mobile is one of the most popular dating sites, and their mobile version is complimentary with membership. Of course you have to pay a monthly fee, but many users find it well worth the cost to be able to access their emails, winks, and other communications on the go. While you are dating and having fun, do not forget safety. Until you have gotten to know someone, it is best not to give out too much personal information. When meeting a potential date for the first time, agree to meet in some public spot. If possible, have a friend drop you off and pick you up. Never accept invitations to visit a date’s home until you have been out with him or her for some time. You may also want to communicate through email until you feel comfortable giving out your cell phone number. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, end the date and call for a ride or ask someone who works in the restaurant to escort you to your car. Stay safe, and have fun dating!

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