Samsung Galaxy S5 – The High End Android Player

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is filled with great hype and excitement, because of the grand success of Samsung Galaxy S4 packed with amazing eye gesture features. Samsung Galaxy S5 was displayed at mobile world congress event in Barcelona.


The phone just like S4 has new interesting features and let us browses through the high-tech features offered by the phone.



The design structure of S5 is almost identical to S4, and the screen dimension is 5. 1inches and the material used is Super AMOLED 5.1 screen measured at 142×72.5×8.1 mm and is not too heavy and weighs 145g, and is thicker than Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone looks trendy and slender and the handling capacity is reliable because of the usage of a single material frame with no room for creases. There is a detachable lid at the back and is in sync with the smooth design and the phone is rolled out in royal and vibrant shades such as Charcoal Black, Shimmery White, Electric Blue and Copper Gold.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is larger than S4 by a light margin and the increased dimension is evident in the bigger screen. The screen measurement of S5 is 5.25 inches and is marginally larger than 4.99 screen inch of S4. The phone is tailored with powerful material that renders a soft texture than the usual smooth one. Sources who have experimented with the test piece were awe-inspired by the soft black fabric, and are an improvement from Samsungs’ hard plastic material used on phone edges.

Image Quality:

Mobile freaks who have handled the test product of S5 were immensely satisfied with the very first experience of handling the phone. The first striking feature is the pristine screen resolution, and the resolution capacity is 1,920 x1,080, and the picture quality is amazing. The screen is super bright compared to S4, and pictures of all colors and shapes are super clear. The white images are amazingly crisp and better than white images rendered by S4 which had taints of yellow patches. The readability effect is admirable with sharp text quality and mobile enthusiasts have rated the S5 to display one of the best resolutions in recent times. All the grand features in S5 are drastic improvements from S4.



Since S5 is an evolution from S4, the expectations with performance are enormously high. The downloading capacity is super fast, contributed by Snapdragon 810, and operates at 2.5 GHz. Samsung has won tremendous acclaim with S5, when tested the phone could scrape through competitive Sunspider JavaScript benchmark in only 408minutes, and this has given the S5 an amazing tag of being the fastest Android phone.

The usability is super smooth and the web pages can be controlled without a hassle, and stringent testing authorities have tested the hand set ability of the phone and were blown away by the swiftness with an 18,438 rating, quicker than even the 5S iPhone which renders 14,506.

The software capacity is 16GB, out of which 6GB is used by system files and other apps. The users can have access to 10GB, and there are ample storage spots like micro SD card slot.

Battery capacity:

Samsung Galaxy S5 is injected with novel power saving unit called Ultra Power Saving, which enables lifelong battery exposure. The battery capacity is higher than normal power saving devises. Samsung has assured its customers that 24 hours of battery time can be used from minimal 10% charge.

The phone has interesting apps such as Flickr, Google+ and Twitter and there are also live news, technology and fashion apps.

Finger Print Feature:

Samsung Galaxy S5 has interesting apps which are not common in most phones, and one feature to look forward to fingerprint reader. It is interesting to learn that the Galaxy S5 has finger print feature, and consumers can use this feature to unlock phones and it also functions like online credit card machine where you can make payments via Pay Pal. The fingerprint option increases the reliability value of the phone, and the other functions of this feature are it can unlock private storage and preserve information, and moreover private images can be locked as well. The finger print app is exciting and unique and customers would want to buy the phone to explore this app. Most phones are not finger print phone, and leaves behind unappealing marks. The finger print app in S5 is a boon to effectively browse through various apps and it might be useful in solving murder mysteries.


Through the finger print app, consumers can gain access to heart rate monitor, by pressing the information with your thumb on the app positioned below the camera. The app is called S Health, and it might not generate clear cut information, but the readability effect varies from 50 bhp to 103bpm, and the Gear 2 Neo smartwatch measures 80bpm. Samsung Galaxy S5.

The app industry has expanded like never before, and the world has become health conscious caused by sedentary lifestyle, an effect of increased work hours. The S health app will enable consumers to monitor their daily food intake and there is also a compartment to test blood pressure. The reliability lies in swift downloads of apps that takes barely few seconds, and is useful to source important work related information.

Awesome Swift:

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a progression from Samsung Galaxy S4 in terms of swift downloads color and image quality.

Those who are keen to buy Samsung Galaxy S5, the launch date of the phone is next month and the expected price is about Rs. 52,000. It is a useful and fun phone to own, to enjoy every moment to the core, tons of images can be captured and stored and the aftermath quality effect is splendid and can be stored for life. Samsung Galaxy S5 is ideal to capture life-remembering events such as anniversaries, weddings, and birthday parties. Consumers can speak for hours on the phone which makes it easier to organize surprise parties and fun party events. Let’s wait for the launch of the phone and observe its position in the market.

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  1. Nice and very informative post

    Samsung Galaxy G5 is truly one of the best smart phone now in market. It really has got many new features. I t can be said as next version of the series. Every thing has been advanced including the image quality, battery life and design. The one feature I like the most is its finger print feature.This feature definitely makes this phone stand out from other smart phones. Totally a great phone.

    The post has really explained all the features in a proper way.

    Thanking you for sharing.

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