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Why Google is rolling-out Pandas and Penguins

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You might have read tons and tons of articles about “How to Survive Panda” or “How to Survive Penguin” or these sort of articles that suggests you to change your SEO Strategies in 2012. But most of you think that Google is playing with your blogs and few people who quit their jobs and entered into online marketing world, claim that Google is playing with their life as well.

Do you really think Google is doing all these Algorithmic updates to screw you up?

Google doesn’t have any personal grudge on you, for sure. One of the major reasons for rolling-out Pandas and Penguins, is to clear all the crappy websites/blogs that were built just to earn money or some other commercial purposes.

I’d like to discuss the issue with a small example; Consider Google as a Building Inspector, who inspects buildings and tests it’s quality and makes sure that it is safe for the customers to live in it. On the other hand, consider your blog as a Building, where you’d have to follow the instructions given by the Building Inspector(Google). Same in case of constructing a blog. We’ll be having many softwares like Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Traffic Travis, etc., that helps us to establish our blogs as a brand.

Construct, your blog like a constructing a building. Following step by step procedures, helps you to construct a decent blog, but one can’t guarantee you that your blog is Panda or Penguin resistance. The security measure can change at any time and you might have to change your strategies again and again. You need to build a blog that which should be flexible.

Reasons for Changing the Rules and Game Plans by Google

  • First and foremost reason why Google is rolling-out Pandas and Penguins is, because of Niche and Micro Niche blogs. These blogs, are completely creates for commercial purpose by following black-hat practices with cheap material.
  • Yet other reason for rolling-out of these Algorithmic changes is Blog Networks. The Concept of these Blog Networks are growing with rapid pace and it’s completely against Google’s Terms and Conditions. These networks are selling back-links for users by developing some automated programs.
  • Filling blogs with too many advertisements, instead of satisfying readers with the quality, these blogs are filled with Ad-banners and they are just considered as Advertising cut-outs just to make money.
  • Over Optimization, it is yet other factor that made Google to roll-out. It is nothing but stuffing your blogs with useless material, by creating annoyance for the users.
  • Getting links with an unappealing content is like Constructing a building for household needs and selling it for business purpose. Which definitely doesn’t suits their requirements. It just ruins the entire experience.

These are the current factors, that Google is considering now to maintain the quality. Sometimes even after following all these quality measure, your blog might face issues, but considering my previous experience, if you blog genuinely you’ll get back to normal position shortly.

4 thoughts on “Why Google is rolling-out Pandas and Penguins

  1. Many bloggers I know have suffered from these algorithms, but they have quality blogs with hundreds of subscribers. Their blogs have returned to the place only after treatment in support of Google.

    Why bloggerscage does not have any articles on the “Search Engine Optimization and blogging tips”? There’s only a fresh installed wordpress.

    1. Yup, it’s about to start in a couple of days.

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