The Leading Rough and Tough Smartphone’s

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The 21st century of this modern era has become the bed for technological development. From cars to machines we have a solution for everything. Now a day’s smart phones practically run everything. Our daily life and day to day activities are all controlled by just a button. We have become mere puppets in the hands of this swift growing industry. If you want to go to a movie what do you do? Nothing you save yourself from standing in the queue just by typing your credit card credentials. That’s it. It is that simple.


As our daily activities are dependent on these smart phones, they too need to be in power mode always. They should have a strong interface and an operating system which would be able to provide for the required applications. Different Smartphone making companies have taken the initiative of building a robust Smartphone which would not get dismantled easily. The robust phone will also have an equally strong and up to dated operating system which would be able to support any kind of applications and threat. The final design that is sent by the company for production usually has the mixture of both the qualities of durability and speed.

The above features are heavily used for building the following top 5 rugged smart phones.

Samsung Galaxy S5


This is an ideal phone for you if you want strong performance with style. This phone is another amazing product from the Samsung family. Starting from the display this phone has a super AMOLED screen which emanates great colour visibility. Apart from the rich pixel density this phone also has corning gorilla glass protection. The sim card area has a fingerprint sensor along with water resistant abilities. The operating system is an inbuilt kitkat 4.0 version but it can also be upgraded to lollipop 5.0. With a talk time of about 21 hours this piece of merchandise is a solid tech piece.

Sony xperia Z2


This is a super rugged phone from the famous Sony Company. This phone has a dust proof and water resistant sim card port and it is also a shatter proof glass. It has a kitkat operating system which is upgradable to lollipop. This phone a lot of cache holding capacity as it has a 3GB RAMS. The camera quality of all Sony mobiles is always better than most of the others. This model has a rear or main camera of 20.7 MP and the front selfie camera is about 2MP. It has a fast battery charging capacity which is around 60% within 30 minutes time. The talk time that this Smartphone offers is comparatively less than others and it is about 19 hours in 3G and 15 hours in 2G.

Sony xperia Z ultra


The Sony xperia series is very famous for its stability and non breakable features. Sony has always experimented with new ways of building a perfect Smartphone.  This particular Smartphone is usually bigger than most of the others with a size of about 6.4 inches. The screen is water resistant and it also has a sim card port that can sustain in water for 30 minutes without causing any damage to the sim card. It has an IPS LCD screen with shatter proof glass covering and a multi tap facility which allows a touch of about 10 fingers. The primary camera only has a resolution of 8MP and also a front camera with 2MP resolution. Despite the less camera resolution this smart phone has a super fast processor of snapdragon 800 with a RAM of 2GB. It is quite a useful device which has a battery backup of about 14 hours for a 2G network and 16 hours for 3G.

Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen


This is a craggy Smartphone which has outstanding up to date features. The display screen of this screen is protected by gorilla glass and it has a nano sim facility which is also water resistant. With a rear camera of 13MP this device also delivers HD quality pictures and videos. The camera also has a dual LED flash.  It has a strong processor powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 version with a 2GB RAM. This 5.2 inches AMOLED capacitive touch screen Smartphone always performs tasks which convey utter satisfaction.  It also has different other powerful features like geo tagging, multi touch facility, face detection etc. the famous panorama images capture function can also be done with this phone. It has no internal card slot for inserting a memory card. The phone is categorised into two segments which has different memory storage capacity. One model has a 16GB memory and another model has a 32GB memory. Only these two varieties are available in the market right now. The exterior of this phone has a solid covering which has detachable covers. You can have a back cover of any design depending on your taste.

HTC One M8si


When all the famous companies started to manufacture a crabby Smartphone, HTC also decided to design one. This particular phone has a unique design with a 5.0 super LCD screen and Gorilla glass protection facility. It is a light weight phone which is easy to carry around. The built in operating system of this phone is the latest version of android that is lollipop 5.0. It has a better performing Qualcomm snapdragon 615 processor along with a 2GB RAM. this phone has an internal memory card slot which supports up to 128GB memory and the internal memory is either of 16GB or of 32GB. The designers have installed an outstanding main camera of 13MP. The front camera is highly developed in comparison with others with a resolution of 5MP. It has many other facilities like dual LED flash and auto focus. This device is also embedded with a powerful Wi-Fi connector which also has the ability to provide hotspot connections. The design is also included with a polymer based battery which provides a fair talk time of about 20 hours for a 3G network.

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