The Top Essential Education Apps for Your Smartphone

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Many of us still remember times when you needed to go to the library in order to learn something. While you still might need to go there if the topic of your research is extremely narrow or hard to master, in most cases, you can find all the answers you want with the help of your smartphone.


Moreover, a smartphone can help you even if you want more than just to check a fact or discover something new. It can become a powerful educational and brain-boosting tool – assuming that you pick the right apps for that.

Which apps should you choose if you want to learn something? There are so many apps out there: some are paid, some are free, but not all of them are actually worth your time. Knowing how challenging and long the choosing process may be, we’ve picked a list of great apps that will indeed teach you something.

1. Coursera

There are plenty of online learning platforms these days, but Coursera still remains one of the best among them. It cooperates with world’s best universities, allowing you to master specific skills (for example, learn how to learn in the most effective way), to master a new specialization (like this Financial Management one) or simply to take an interesting course that could either broaden your knowledge or improve your life (like this one dedicated to sleep deprivation).

Moreover, while you are able to get a paid certificate proving your knowledge there, you can also take courses for free (assuming that you don’t want a certificate after finishing them). And, of course, Coursera has its own app, allowing you to study from anywhere, be it your home office or your bus to work.

2. TED

While Coursera is mostly about information, TED is also about inspiration. This doesn’t mean that TED talks aren’t informative – on the contrary, they teach you many things and allow you to gain some valuable insights (like this talk). But they’re also very inspiring, very funny (even those that address incredibly serious topics always have even a bit of humor), and very wise. So you should definitely check them out, not only to learn something but to get some extra motivation and inspiration to continue learning.

3. Podcasts

While multitasking itself isn’t great, there are times when we can multitask freely, for example, when we’re stuck in a traffic jam, when we do an insanely long cardio in a gym or when we take a long walk. Sure, you can observe your surroundings at the moment or you can use this opportunity to learn something new.

If such situations happen often, consider launching a Podcasts app and listening to a couple of educational podcasts. It’s very convenient and it can indeed teach you something.

Moreover, there are plenty of podcast lists (both entertaining and educational) that can be found online – so you probably won’t even have to look for long for a podcast that seems appealing.

4. Feedly

Technically, that’s not an educational app, however, you can still use it to learn something. After all, there are so many educational websites online and tracking them can be so incredibly hard.

Feedly can make it easier for you. It’s a plain RSS feed that’s very easy to use. Simply add all websites that interest you, add tags if you want, and enjoy reading. Feedly marks the articles you’ve read and leaves the ones you didn’t read, so you won’t miss a thing. Moreover, it also allows bookmarking the articles you like the most in case you want to return to them.

5. Busuu

There are plenty of language apps out there, but there are only a few that allow you to not only improve your language skills but also to communicate with the native speakers. Busuu is one of such apps. It allows you to learn one of 12 major languages and get native speakers to check your homework or to talk to you.

That’s why if you’re looking for a serious language practice, consider installing this app.

6. Lumosity

Want to learn a lot and do it in the best way possible? Then you should train your brain for it. Just like muscles, our brain too can be trained and Lumosity app has all the exercises that could help you with that.

Lumosity is a special brain-training app that you could use daily to improve your cognitive functions, memory, reaction, focus, and many other things that matter. These days we have too many information flowing from everywhere. We become confused and distracted easily, we lose our ability to focus on something for a long period of time. However, a brain training could change that: the more you load your brain with exercises, the better it will become.

So if you do have some spare time and a desire to learn something, try installing these apps and checking them out when you have an opportunity. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the process!

This Article is contributed by Christina Battons, a creative writer and content strategist who helps people and students succeed at self-education, writing, motivation, professional development and more by sharing with them my knowledge. Nowadays writing blog posts at Eliteessaywriters.

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