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iPad 2- Review on Features and Apps

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Have you ever wondered if your iPad 2 needed saving from harm and accidental damages? For this, the screen protector is just not enough. You have to make sure that you have to buy good iPad 2 cases and covers as well. Such accessories will help not only to protect the iPads but also will help in styling the outlook of the gadgets like the iPad and the iPad 2.

As one accessory can be used with any version of the iPad, it is good if you buy one accessory and keep on changing the gadget versions.

iPad 2 Features

iPad 2 is not just a tablet but can act as the best communicator with your family and friends all around the world. It has the services of a phone as well. You can use a sim card in it from your telecom service provider. This way you would be able to use it as a phone as well. Not only this, but with Wi-Fi connectivity you can download the many apps that will help you to connect with the world. Skype, online messengers like Yahoo!, MSN etc can be used on it to have free calls and texts to all you know.

It also has the features of a laptop so you can work on it if you are not anywhere near your computers/PC/laptops. You can compose documents, presentations, draw graphs and pie charts, and prepare workflow files for your office etc as well.


Other apps that you can use with this tablet cum laptop are as follows:

# Kindle: All you want to do is to read books if you are a read-a-holic. If you were a researcher as well, then you would love to have this app in your iPad. This app will act like as if you are working on your Kindle device. You will be able to make a free account on the Amazon website and this way you will be able to download the books, the research papers, journals, magazines and other text files easily. This app is handy if you want to search for some journals, otherwise not found by regular computer internet browsers.

# Jamie’s recipes: Such an app from the lifestyle category is good for all those who love cooking and spending time in the kitchen experimenting on different dishes as well. All you need to do is download this app from iTunes sand in this way you will be able to access the many recipes in different categories for your cooking expertise to grow fonder.

# Filestorm: This app has come the closest to the digital camera facility. This app provides the best editing and photo effect facilities for any pictures taken for the iPad or from any other camera device and transferred to the iPads. You can apply the effects, the frames and the whole editing options to any picture, change its size and publish it to the social media websites as well. For more apps and software for iPads and iPad2, you can visit the iTunes store for free.

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