How Web Hosting Aids in SEO

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The online business industry is increasing day by day. As a webmaster, it is necessary to keep up with the pace and make it a cut above the rest in order to bring more readers to your blog and provide an endless stream of income. Getting to that kind of dream is possible, as a start you must have the best hosting provider for your website.

Web hosting affects popularity of a website. It is because there are some factors in which search engine optimization will greatly benefit from a good web host. Below are some of the things a good web host affects SEO.

Speed and Reliability

A web server is the backbone for every website. A great web design and content in a crappy web server won’t help your website at all. You are connecting your website to millions of viewers all over the world, so a steady and reliable website is recommended.

Even though, your website is SEO optimized, if people find it very slow or they cannot access it most of the time, visitors will lose interest in your website; therefore, losing site traffic and popularity.

Location and Target Audience

Getting website traffic is not hard actually, however, getting a traffic that will help increase business possibility and a probable means to earn income is difficult. To get a higher click-through rate, you will need to use a web hosting provider that has the same physical location as your target audience. Do not use cheap web hosting providers that are not near your target audience because it will harm your efforts to earn a top search engine ranking in your target places.

IP Address

Aside from location, IP address is also important for SEO. Keep an eye on the IP address that you are using. Sometimes, web hosting providers re-use IP address from spam, phishing, or illegal sites thus hurting your search engine rankings. Your website won’t be indexed too if the site is using an illegal IP address.

The IP address of your website should not reside in the same C Class group because it will be hard for you to make a network in the future as search engines might consider your IP address as artificial linking.

Company Reputation

The web host you have is under a company which means a good company reputation can help uplift your website faster. A reputable web hosting provider is treated with respect as the problems are treated quickly and rules are very strict. If you happen to be in a web hosting provider that has spammers, hackers, and has a bad company reputation, your website will get affected, as well.

Read reviews about the website you choose in forums, blogs, or even to the people you know. Test their skills and capabilities by calling for customer support and asking questions. Do not hesitate to ask their customer service representatives about questions that are unclear to you.


These are some of the reasons a best web hosting provider affect SEO. Get the right web host that can aid getting your site popular and don’t hesitate to pay a higher price for such service if needed.

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