7 ways how Wearable will transform our Mobile experience

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The wearable is considered as the next big technology frontier. If you talk about wearable, most people think only of smartwatches with fitness trackers. Other people can think of any fashionable accessory also. There is no doubt that fitness trackers are the most popular these days, but there is much more than this. There are many brands like Apple, Microsoft and many others that are planning to create many smarter device wearable. Many wearable devices can act as the standalone devices as well.


Wearable technology is no longer a dream. The industry most influenced by the wearable is the travel industry. With so much in the hands, the wearable will completely change the mobile experience. Let’s have a look at some of the trends in wearable that will change the mobile experience.

A big changer for business

Wearable is a great tool for business and it will completely change the way you see your business. Business oriented apps can be created and the wearable can help the business to increase the productivity with efficient methods that will only be possible by using the wearable in the future.

The wearable devices need to be connected with each other to make users feel good about this advancement in tech gadgets.  And it is also crucial for experiencing new phase of mobile computing.

Wearable have the potential to make the people see their business with a different eye. Wearable have the potential to be used in day-to-day work. Small businesses have a great potential to adapt to new technologies and the wearable are the one that can relate completely with the business trends.

Able to glance the information

Have you ever thought of having a device that will let you decide that the popup notification is important to you or not? It is similar to what we do on our smartphones, where we decide to give attention to the notification popup or just ignore it.

The notifications can be a distraction to most of the people working in offices. When there is no smartphone, but a smart glass in front of you that will let you decide on the notification popup, this would be a great feature for you.

Mind controlled devices

Have you ever thought of controlling a wheelchair with your thoughts? Have you ever thought that you will be able to control your TV, AC in your home with your mind?

The wheelchair that is especially for the disabled people that allows to control the wheelchair with the thoughts of the person only. The mind of the person is controlled and the technology is known as neuro-technology. This is the future of wearable in the next few years.

Mind controlled devices would be a great advancement in the field of technology in the coming few years. Everything is getting digital, so why not our daily schedule?

Overcome the design constraints

The major drawback in wearable is the design constraint. The smaller screen of the wearable device is a major limitation. The less battery life is another major concern for the wearable devices. There are small processors in the wearable and this can make any smart device to work slowly. The user will never like to have such slow devices. They want speed in their life and in their device as well.

The wearable are good in providing information but they are not able to retrieve any information from the user. This is a great limitation in a wearable device. Reading emails and filling forms on such a smaller screen is not a good user experience at all. There are some of the wearable available in the market that support voice commands.

User engagement

The app makers are continuously analyzing the interests of the users. It is important to know what the users want to see and what the users want to listen. It is necessary to provide the right information to the user at the right time. The users hate to see any unwanted notifications that are of no use to them. The wearable should be standalone devices and they should be able to act smartly.

Wearable have the power to do much more technological advancements as they are made to do. The device will only be worth noticing when there is an effective user engagement with the device.

Increase in ecommerce trend

ECommerce has evolved a lot in the last few years and with the advancement in technology, more and more people are taking use of the smartphones for all their eCommerce problems, whether it is shopping online or paying any utility bill online. The smart devices will make available all the retail information on the user device that will be more comfortable for the user.

Travelling is an evolving industry and the use of wearable in the travel industry will see a new growth. People will love to book their hotels in advance using the smart devices. They are waiting for the time when the smart device on their wrist will select the best hotel around them, the best restaurant around them. This is great to know someone helping you and taking care of all small things. Have you ever thought of getting an alert on your device about the nearest ATM or bank? There are a number of creative apps that you can download and use to find a number of places around you, but it can be time consuming. What if you get the information automatically in front of you? This is going to be the trend in the near future.


The wearable technology will see a great role in connecting people with each other. Social media interactions will also be affected by the wearable technology. There can be many medical devices that can use this technology. Doctors are eagerly waiting for smart specs. This will surely help them in the real time. Diabetic care, vision enhancements are some of the great technology enhancements that can be seen in most of the wearable related to the medical field.

Last Words…

Different platforms will start creating smart wearable for every purpose. iWatch release by Apple and a smart glass by Google is a great experiment by the major brands to provide a great an effective user experience.

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