Social Media Apps for the Home Business Owner

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Owners of small businesses that run from home are lucky enough to have a wide range of new technology available to them. They can use these to assist them in making their business survive and excel. One of the greatest things about these cutting edge technologies is that they are sometimes created solely with the small business owner in mind. Home business owners no longer need to spend a large sum of money for advertising nor hire someone to carry out their public relations. Small businesses can now have everything they need at home, to be done by themselves personally.

The most powerful tool a small business owner can use is social media, which allows businesses of any size to connect and interact with their customers – something that was unheard of in years past. With so many platforms for social media available, it is now a matter of managing all of them. This can be done easily with the help of social media applications that can be installed on a computer or a mobile phone. Here are some of the best apps a small business owner can use to manage their social media accounts.


This app is incredibly useful for business owners that want to know how effective their social media efforts are. Clicktale is used for web analytics and analyzes which platform is doing the best job. Statistics may be viewed in real time while monitoring a visitor’s actions on your page or site.

Ever Note

If you are a person who is not adept at remembering every account detail, this app is for. It is a digital version of the Post-It note, packed with other features that will prove themselves useful for any business owner. Also, you can use this to keep track of your username and password for each and every social media account you have.


This app is used by a lot of people, from individuals to business houses. It is widely used because of its ability to manage practically all social media sites from one interface. This app lets you read your tweets, check Facebook updates, access e-mail, upload photos, and various other activities done on social media sites. Its selling point is its interface, which is user-friendly and easy to navigate around. Hootsuite does majority of the work for you and is really a must for any small business owner that wants to make an impact with their social media efforts. With an app like Hootsuite, you have the power to attract more potential customers thanks to its streamlined design and reliability. It also boasts of a number of other features specifically designed to make it easier for anyone to use their social media accounts.

If you are not that tech savvy just yet, these apps are only a few of the ones you should look into so you can maximize your social media efforts and turn your business into a force to be reckoned with.

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