Pinterest is Much More than Just Window Shopping Site

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Pinterest is the next social media site that has recently created a craze amongst the social media users. Pinterest with its varied categories can drive quite a sufficient amount of traffic to any site. It has topics and tips from all genre and subject under the sun. Do you know that this latest social networking site can draw huge amount of referral traffic over the web?

It is also reported that social pinboard of this site has lately surpassed Yahoo as the 4th largest traffic driving medium in the Internet world. Is Pinterest meant for shopping to you? Well, it is a kind of window shopping for many. But the potentiality of traffic on this social media sites make it a prospective mode for businesses.

A Comparison between Facebook Users and Pinterest Users

A research conducted amongst these two users reveal a different fact. 4738 Facebook users and 1278 Pinterest users have been asked as to how they use their social networking sites in terms of brand engagement and shopping. Only 40% of the Facebook users say that they have used the site for shopping in comparison to 69% of Pinterest users who are always planning to purchase some item from their social networking site.

Take a quick glimpse at some of the other facts revealing enticing Pinterest stats –

  • 67% Pinners say that they use the pinboard to stay tune with the current trend of the items emerging in the market like home decor, fashion, technical gadgets and so on.
  • 70% Pinners seek inspiration from this site on what they want to buy. This is the main intention of the users of using this site.
  • Only 43% use Pinterest for retailers and brand engagement in comparison to the Facebook users.
  • 39% Pinners say that they search for any special offer from the variety of brands and retailers.

Well, this is the picture of only one section of the Pinners but there are also other users who can contribute significantly to businesses. Do you desire to use your free time more productively on Pinterest? This will indeed be a great idea for consumer goods manufacturer and retail business professionals.

How can Pinterest help your business?

– For businesses selling photogenic products, Pinterest can be a powerful medium of advertising. So, it is worth investing your time effort and money for giving the best light to your product. With visually appealing products, you have greater chance to stand out in this social networking site.

– Brand engagement is also done in a distinct manner in Pinterest than on Facebook. In Facebook there is passive participation in a brand while in Pinterest users get the chance to actively participate in brand engagement. Hence, Pinterest takes up the referral traffic.

Hence, Pinterest is the ideal media for stemming out businesses visually stimulating products. Small businesses which mostly centers on products should consider Pinterest as their social media networking. The presence of the product on this site is worthy the investment you make for it.

3 thoughts on “Pinterest is Much More than Just Window Shopping Site

  1. In my opinion, Pinterest is a new step is social media usage. Because it’s very easy in usage (not like Facebook), it’s very creative and can be very useful for products promotion.

    1. Yes, Julia you are absolutely right.

  2. No-doubt that pinterest is much more than just window shopping site or photos sharing. I realized that it is more effective than facebook to get business and attract customers. Usually users are just sharing photos nothing else even there are a lot of people who didn’t update their profile. The new feature of pineterest “verify website” is also very helpful to get do-follow and authority backlink from pinetrest site. Which could be helpful in your website ranking.

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