Top Social Media Statistics That Can Rock Your World

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Businesses on social media are all about the number games these days and there is no denying that we get to hear the big numbers in the industry. However, it should also be kept in mind that this is not the end of the story and it can never be! Most of the businesses today are definitely left with the sense of social media scale but plenty of them still fail to realize why a particular social media strategy matters to any progressive business.


Here are some of the killer statistics that most of you might not have come across. We shall also show you why at all they should matter to you. Read them to know the difference they can make.

70% Of The Internet Population Makes Use Of Social Networks

It is always the entire proportion of the internet users available that should matter to any business planning to take a dive into the waters of social media world. Several such statistics have finally proven that the social networking is the mainstream concern for many. Now if businesses don’t engage it in all the social channels out there, you surely are going to miss out some of the important conversations that could have benefited your service and brand in the long run.

Google+ Has Over 60 Million Users – Already

It is interesting to watch that while the businesses are focusing on the networks that have already established themselves, the newbies in the industry are good enough to disrupt the entire equation. Same goes with Google+. Make sure that you are not at all dismissing the new channels because once they become the mainstream, you will see that you have already lost enough on the competition front. You must keep an eye on the rapidly growing commodities and how involving them can make a difference to the reach of your brand in the market. Get in early on the new channels and you are all set for gaining the right advantage in the right time.

35% Of Users Have Already Posted About Some Brand On The Social Networking

Gone are the days when people used to access facebook to find out what they actually had for dinner. They are also there to let people know about the clothes they buy, the brand they trust and lot more. Now whether they are going to say something really good or absolutely trash completely tones down to the kind of service you have to offer to them. You would definitely not be keen on listening them spread out negative words for your brand in the social media market. Make sure that you are also doing the needful to actually encourage your most satisfied and enthusiastic customers to go out right there and openly share their experiences.

45% Of People Are Interested In Participating In Co-Creation Of Products

With social media, you can always enjoy access to a group of people who are willing to help you grow in the long run and succeed with time. These are the same groups that are keen on buying from you more often than not. Ask for their responses and throw open ended questions to them about the kind of features they would like to see in your products or about the elements of competitiveness you are probably lacking in. Only they can do tell you better!

Only 15% Come Back To The Brand On Social Media That Left Them Dissatisfied Earlier

This is definitely alarming and if you don’t want your sales to go down make sure that you are paying keen attention to this. Not more than 15% return back goes to the brand or service that they were not happy with. Unhappy customers mean people who are not going to pay you heed more and the worst is, they are going to spread the word of their experience too.

Statistics on social media also represent the popular trends. It’s the social media itself that can actually help you in turning your potential defectors into some of the most priced vocal advocates. However, before you think of making it really big out there, do make sure that you have finally gotten out there and are finally engaging in the entire set up. Understand the culture of the social media platforms and act accordingly as an active engagement on these platforms is going to help you drive your sales successfully and effectively through these channels.

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