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Tools to Analyze SEO Efforts

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Did you optimize your blog for SEO? If yes, then what’s the next Step? The next step probably would be analyzing your SEO efforts. To check whether SEO efforts are in positive or negative direction?

There are set of things that need to be analyzed and a single online or offline tool hardly fulfills role alone. So, we are here with a set of tools to analyze SEO which can help a site to occupy the top positions in Google and other search engines.


WooRank ranks SEO effort with dynamic grading system based on 70 factors. It does a thorough analysis of the SEO on site, points out problems, and still says what degree of difficulty or ease of solving them.


Speed of a site is extremely important factor. A slow loading site may be frustrating for visitors and even for search engines. The Gtmetrix is an online tool that analyzes loading speed of a site and results with great level of detail, warns if deficiency in any item is low, medium or severe, and also indicates where the process occurs.

URL Void

Malicious code in a site can drain all organic traffic and direct or affiliate traffic. Visitors will be presented with a warning page instead of site page with a suggestion to proceed in own risk. URL Void is a tool to analyze a site with multiple reputation engines and domains blacklist to detect malicious code in a site.

Bad Neighborhood

Spam links exchanged with a site may lead to penalty of site in major search engines.  Sometimes we partner or even place links that we find relevant to our readers without checking if it is a suspicious link or spam. A Bad Neighborhood tool is ideal to identify possible links that can be harmful to a site and report problems with link strategies.

Uptime Robot

Google does not like site that are just lying around, and are down for half of the day. We don’t have any control on downtime of server but the server can be monitored, and an appropriate actions can be taken regards the downtime. Uptime Robot is a free monitoring tool that monitors a site every 5 minutes and alerts the webmaster through Email, SMS, Twitter or push message for iPad and iPhone.


DNS errors are a bad sign for Google and need to know the errors occurring in direction to a site. You must analyze regularly to determine the problems with the DNS of a site, as this may severely damage your positioning in search engines, especially Google. IntoDNS analyze DNS configuration and report the errors and offer advice to fix them.

Spam Detector

Check out any Black Hat technique used in a site. Sometime carelessly or by authors, a site may have put some kind of content or technique which can be considered as Black Hat technique. Regular checking a site for Black hat techniques is good practice. Spam Detector is tool to scan the pages of site to find possible code snippets like keyword stuffing, doorway farms and hidden text that can be considered as Black Hat. The best tool to improve a site if it is hit by Google Penguin for specified reason.

15 thoughts on “Tools to Analyze SEO Efforts

  1. Probably this is the best compilation of SEO tools which I have seen on a single page. With Google Penguine update one need to be on guard and must verify site against the listed tools. Thanx for sharing superb content.

    1. With Google’s changing algorithm, it’s too risky to ignore any aspect of SEO. Good to known you liked the post. Thank you!!

  2. wow!! that’s certainly useful list to focus on best seo practices and reducing the chance of any black hat seo technique.

    1. Sometimes webmaster without knowingly uses Black hat technique, using some of the SEO tools regularly is a safe SEO practice! Thanks for your active comments!

  3. It is very important to optimize the work done. Every SEO should know about what comes from their efforts. It is important to check results came in positive or negative. These tips are really very beneficial to optimize the work done.

    1. Yeah, it’s really important to regularly analyze the SEO efforts. Never know when the things go wrong!

  4. We know how important all these tools. Very interesting article that you’ve posted. Found the views to be quite informative and intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your interest and comment, Becca!

  5. I must admit that I use this tools regularly (mostly Woorank), just to check the evolution of my sites. It may look like a waste of time, but I have learned a lot from these tools, especially the areas where I have to focus in order to improve my blogs.

    1. These tools are very useful to check whether a SEO efforts are in positive or negative direction. Moreover, one can learn SEO from these tools. Thanks for comment!

  6. These are very crucial for any business. I personally don’t enjoy waiting several minutes for a page to load before I begin reading. Sometimes I don’t have the patience but I think every business should always make this a top priority; quick-loading pages. Great post!

    1. Yeah, that’s why Google made it a part of SEO. Speed of a site is now an important factor of SEO. Thanks for dropping by!

  7. wow! I was looking for seo analysis tools and guess i just reached at the right place. Thanks for sharing it! I am definitely going to try these out for analysing our website Airport Taxi London Cheers!

  8. I think hat question that deals with SEO is one f the most disputable and the mot popular at the same time today.

  9. We all should definitely pay much attention on SEO, and try to follow all the changes and updates that happen. I guess that all these tools can be suitable

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