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To Raise any online business and keep running on the World Wide Web, a web hosting service is the first thing to consider. You know, however, that finding the perfect web host without any help is not an easy task. You need to strictly consider features like server uptime, bandwidth, disk space, price, customer support and most importantly security.

LayerOnline is a leading, top quality business-class web hosting provider serving over 200 countries.  They provide more features than what is needed for a reliable web hosting. They also offer many advanced web hosting technologies.

Unlimited Space and bandwidth

LayerOnline come with 3 plans – Value, Performance and Ultimate. With every plan they offer Unlimited Space and Unlimited Bandwidth plus Free Domain names in 7, 15 and 50 extension respectively plus a free domain privacy.

The data is stored in  Raid-Protected Storage. They use Raid Level 1 to mirror data onto other drive so that they can serve it in a case of disk failure. Also they provide weekly back up feature.

Server Uptime

LayerOnline are very serious about server uptime and why not? Server downtime can risk online websites. They ensure 100% uptime with every plan which ensures your business available online all the time.


Security features make LayerOnline unique from other web hosting providers. Online security is the biggest issue and many online businesses are fighting over it. LayerOnline provide

  • State-of-art security which scan your website for SQL injections or buffer overflow and block hacking script from execution in real-time.
  •  Realtime DDOS protection which ensure security from the biggest online threat, denial-of-service attack.
  •  Traffic spike protection which handles flood of traffic from major search engines ensuring your site impression.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential feature that must be achieved in every webhosting provider. LayerOnline provide 24/7 technical customer support via online chat, phone and email to solve any type of technical problems. They also provide 30 days money back guarantee.

Other Features

LayerOnline includes free cloud nameserver, cloud CDN hosting and cloud email service. Their private hosting environment provides a dedicated PHP engine. They also include free one-click script installer, site builder and website templates.


The Features provided by LayerOnline is more than expected from any other web hosting providers. The best part is they respect and value their customers. So, what are you waiting for? Go and book your account with LayerOnline to have best hosting experience.

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  1. I’m currently using GoDaddy but this sounds good so I will maybe try it in close future.

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