Safety Tips to Secure Your Facebook Account

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Now a days Facebook turned into a fever worldwide where every day the number of users rapidly grows. Not everything is wonderful and also the number of users who complain about the privacy grows every day. However, these same users need to know a little about the available options in the settings of the social network to protect data and make a secure place.

We have address below seven security features belonging to  Facebook, you need to know and use.

Social Endorsements

If you linked to Facebook and someone who is on the other side of the world tries to login with the same username and password, that person will be forced to look for a set of images and identify the names of people shown. Facebook is able to identify abnormal behavior in your account, and use their social endorsements to make sure that your account will not be invaded, even if someone gets your username and password of the service.

Full-Time HTTPS

If you have already purchased a product or service online, you may have noticed that the beginning of the URL of the page is composed of “https://“, Right? That “s” means that the computer is communicating with the site code or through a secure connection, which means that nobody can steal your confidential information during the completion of purchase. The Facebook allows you to browse in HTTPS mode all the time. Simply go to security settings and select the corresponding option for navigation by Facebook over a secure connection (HTTPS) when possible. It is recommended that you use this option to use Facebook in a public network WiFi.

Protection against  Malicious Software

If your account has been a victim of malware, Facebook will block your account temporarily and perform a scan on your data, eliminating possible threats.

Guardian Angel

Facebook lets you select up to five friends so they can help you regain control of your account in critical cases, such as loss of password and no access to e-mail. In these situations, you can contact one of your “friends ” And they’ll tell you what is necessary so that you can connect to your account again.

Remote Logout

Have you used Facebook on a public computers and are not sure whether you were disconnected from Facebook? Just go to the Security page in your account settings. There you can see a list of “active sections,” and may terminate each according to your need.

Temporary Section

If you are using a public computer and want to make sure that this computer will not store your login information and password, Facebook can send you a temporary password that is valid for 20 minutes. Simply send a text message from your mobile to the number 32665 with the message “otp”.

Clickjacking Scanner

According to Facebook “We see more hits such as clickjacking” on the network. A clickjacking is when a malicious link that disguises itself as a reliable link, leading you into error, and exposing it to malware. More than 230 million people shares malicious a day on Facebook, and some of the instructions above, although rudimentary, can help you protect against these threats.

The list of Facebook security features is extensive, going far beyond just seven resources, which shows that Facebook at least strives to present a concern for their users, despite many complaints by users of Facebook.

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