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One strategy that most experienced bloggers engage in for producing blog content is the blog post series. Writing a series of blog posts doesn’t just give you a chance to produce more articles, videos, and images that your dedicated followers can consume; it also lets you delve into certain topics deeply, and in a more organized way.


In fact, if you play your cards right and write about a topic that everyone in your niche is talking about, this strategy can even attract more readers to your site. Essentially, this is something you’d really want to do.

Of course, like all things that bring good things, it’s not necessarily a fool-proof strategy. Sure, you can just pick up a popular subject (let’s say Google Authorship) and write about that; but unless you’re a real authority on the subject, you can’t really make it work for your blog. A great blog post series takes a lot more than that.

Not sure how to start? Well here are some of the best tips for creating a blog post series that will do wonders for your blog.

Have a plan, man!

You can’t just say that you’re going to be writing about, say, book publishing, and then write the articles on the fly. Believe it or not, your series of blog posts needs a “narrative” that your readers can follow. In fact, you always have to start your blog post series by either defining a term (“what is book publishing?”) or defining a problem (“how do you get your book published?”). From there, you can write posts that provide readers step-by-step instruction and information that help them learn what they want to learn (example: post two is “Finding the Right Publishing Model”, post three is “Writing Your Pitch”).

Stick to your schedule

Scheduling your blog posts is, of course, already important under normal circumstances; there’s a reason why editorial calendars are a thing now. But it’s doubly important when it comes to posting for your blog post series. When you start a series, people expect it to be updated on a fairly consistent basis—think of it as something like a TV show; when you expect a new episode every Friday at 8 p.m., but the episode doesn’t come on, won’t you be put off? The same is true for blog posts that people want to read.

Apply some SEO and promotions magic

Of course, you want as many people as possible to read and follow your article series. In order to do that, you need to optimize your content, preferably by making use of relevant and related keywords for your posts and by promoting them on your social media accounts. For this step, it’s very important that you either make specific accounts for your blog (on sites like Twitter) OR create pages dedicated to it (on sites like Facebook). And, to make it more appealing to many of your readers, make sure that you create a post on your blog dedicated to that blog post series that links to all the posts—and link those posts to that page.

Have you ever written a blog post series? How did it do?

2 thoughts on “Write A Great Blog Post Series!

  1. Series of blog posts is very effective thing to engage readers or visitors but it is not an easy thing to create a series blog posts because your have to research a lot in this scenario. Your shared points are very helpful and important to understand about the technicalities of the series of blog posts. I have am operating four blogs for the promotion of my business and now i will try to do series of post according to your shared points.

    1. I’m glad I helped! Series posts are absolutely recommended for people who want to prove that they are trustworthy authorities – and that’s definitely something you want as a business. 🙂

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