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Four Reasons SEO Webinars are Better than the Traditional Seminars

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If you are in the field of Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization, conferences and seminars are probably the only place to listen and learn from the bigwigs of the industry (except of course, if you happen to be amongst the lucky ones to work with one of these fellows). No matter how eager you are to learn, truth is that once you’ve gotten into the professional life, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to stay in touch with all the new developments and technologies in your field, at the same time you cannot afford to keep ignoring these developments, or you’ll find yourself without a clue when confronted with a new challenge or pushed out of your comfort zone. So, SEO or Internet marketing Seminars are a good place to stay on the ball.

There’s one problem though i.e. chances are that there are not many SEO seminars or conferences taking place in your nearby areas at any given time, a big majority of these seminars take place in selected cities, and if you are residing at a faraway location, you will never be able to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Here’s when the concept of web based seminars can come to your rescue. True that there are not many SEO or Social Media Marketing Webinars going around, however the trend is fast gaining grounds and you will be getting many opportunities to be a part of these seminars in the coming days. Let’s see how an SEO webinar can be of benefit as compared to a seminar.

No need to travel:

As I’ve earlier mentioned, it’s not easy to take a trip to San Francisco or California if you are living in a faraway city or another country. Even if you are living in the same city, traveling to the place in rush-hours can take quite some time, and knowing how hectic and challenging our professional lives are becoming, taking out a couple of hours from the working time seems quite difficult. On the other hand, if you are looking to attend a webinar, all you need to do is to open a particular program or website on your PC or laptop and there you are … no travelling, no traffic jams, and no rush whatsoever.

Save on costs:

Traveling doesn’t just take your time; it actually costs quite a lot if you’re flying from one city to another one, or even between countries. Even when you reach there, you will have to spend on accommodation in a hotel, even when the organizers are providing the accommodation; it only means that you’ve paid for that in your registration fee. Traveling and accommodation expenses are not all, webinars cost a lot less than traditional seminars, and so the organizers can charge a lot less as well.

Organizing a webinar is easier:

Till now, we have talked from the perspective of the attendees; now let’s talk from the organizers’ point of view. A traditional seminar requires the organizers to manage many fronts, whereas in case of a webinar, they can simply hire some web-conferencing or webinar services providing company (e.g. gotomeeting or gotowebinar) and you’re all set to conduct a web based seminar. Same goes for marketing or promotions, as Internet and Social Media provides more than enough platforms to promote and manage an event.

Presentation and collaboration is much better:

In a webinar, you can reach out to hundreds of attendees and still be sure that each and every one is literally on the same page. Web conferencing makes the presentation a lot easier, and it is much easier for the participants to absorb the information, there are fewer distractions (unless some attendee decides to attend the webinar from a not-so-quiet place, but that wouldn’t be a nuisance for anyone else, which is not the case in a traditional seminar.

6 thoughts on “Four Reasons SEO Webinars are Better than the Traditional Seminars

  1. True indeed. The problem with seminars is that they’re half social. You’re out of town and feel that you need to do something besides work, you run into people you know that you don’t see often. I have my work hat on and in my work environment.

  2. I also think that it saves much time and money, but still webinars are quite effective for their participants

  3. While I completely agree with you that it does save time and money (especially on travel costs), one of the advantages of going to a conference or seminar is the chance to network with other members of the field.

  4. Totally agree with you. There’s a wide community of marketers and SEO masters all around the world and you can meet them from your own house without having to travel.

  5. There are many advantages and disadvantages of a seminar, the advantages is that you can meet new and old friends and exchange ideas, opinions and ideas. Disadvantage is that you may be tired and hungover the next day at the seminar

  6. I like this post. I am always looking to attend a Webinar on Blogging. The good thing is that you dont need to travel in Webinar and also it doesnt costs much. Organising is also easier. The points you mentioned are all good.

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