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5 Easy to Use Office Communication Tools to Boost Productivity

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The cloud technology has been successful in bringing about a lot of changes to the world of communication and collaboration within the teams, between teams as well as across client bases. With this technology, even the owners of small businesses are being able to look beyond email and phone calls and go for more dynamic, engaging and efficient ways of handling their business communication.


Here are some easy uses of office communication tools that will enable you to boost your business productivity.


Slack is the powerful next generation communication tool as well as management system, with the preset mission of killing emails. This tool acts as the single searchable repository for team communications as well as shared information that includes comments, messages, videos, files and automatic notifications from any types of sources. Slack is able to integrate seamlessly with numerous of existing tools that include Dropbox, RSS, Google Drive and Hangouts, Twitter etc. it also provides apps and extensions that will enable you to easily create your own integration in such a way that everything is together in one place. It includes facilities like one-on-one messaging, chat rooms, private groups etc. organized by the topics. It is a sleek and intuitive interface that provides with the facility of deep search of all the chats and files. The basic version of Slack is free and the premium features are available at tired levels of subscription. It comes with its own internal help robot, named Slackbot that actually talks to you through setup for each user.


The Smartsheet is extremely simple yet powerful collaboration that looks similar to the Excel file, but works like a full service project management suite. You can use it across all the aspects of your business operations. Functions like task allocation, resource management, sharing of files, sale tracking, scheduling and maintaining the contacts are made super easy with an extensive template library. Whatever you do with the Smartsheet can be shared instantly across desktops as well as mobile apps and thus make the collaboration consistent and easy. The monthly cost to avail this tool is $14 and you can go for added features and functions when you pay for the premium levels.


It is the “all in one” type of mobile communication tool for business that comes with the facilities of conference calling, business messaging, online meetings as well as video conferencing. You do not have to worry about pass codes or complicated dial-in procedure as Biba instantly calls all the participants as soon as you create a meeting list. This particular app is compatible with regular dial-in phone connection as well. The basic version is free of cost and the extra features starts at $1 for one month for single user.


It is the business communication tool that consists of a real twist! VeriShow works like most of the normal online communication tools, but the “twist” is that you can use it within your company for team meetings and at the same time avail its great customer facing features. The VeriShow actually allows you to embed real time customer support technology into your website by using the simple HTML code call button. Free version of this toll is available and you can go for customized features that start at $99 per month.


Kona is the online virtual office space as well as collaboration tool that enables you to stay through tasks, chats, calendars as well as knowledge and ideas. With this tool you can actually create separate spaces for different projects and teams. You are enabled to control and view all the spaces, but individual groups can see only what they need. The basic version is free and you have to pay for extra spaces, features as well as storage.

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