6 Easy Ways to Make Money Through Blogging

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Blogs surfaced the medium of internet as a means of sharing information. However, they have exhibited immense potential in generating good commercial returns as well. Blogs and bucks have come closer over the last decade and you can review some fruitful tips and strategies here to learn how to make money using blogging.

Advertisement space

If you have been blogging for quite some time and have made an eminent mark in a specific niche, sticking to online advertisements is highly recommended. You can contact websites that provide advertisements and ask for space in return. You can also contact services like Ad-sense by Google and others for getting paid on clicked advertisements. These strategies and options would help you in making use of your web reputation and earn well.

Product promotion

You can promote a particular product or service that is being offered by other distinguished brand websites. This way if you direct traffic from your blog to a particular product website like Amazon, you would get good returns. You get paid on every purchase made by them through your webpage.


Going for advertisements is a successful methodology for generating funds. However, online donations are also very popular and effective. If your text fetches some good readers and is magnetic for a niche, then your readers would surely like to contribute to the cause that you are supporting. Asking for donation and providing free and effective information in return has evidently proved to be a success online.

Introduce your service

Blogs can be used for personalized promotions as well. This is an effectual way of getting your service reach people. Instead of promoting third parties, you can promote yourself in your blogs. This way you can generate direct revenue. Start on any website that encompasses e-commerce and promote online trade over your own blog to achieve substantial amount of sales.

Enhance customer relations

You can use blogs as an information hub. You can generate revenues by providing authentic information. This information can be stated in a promotional tone for better results. You can easily build a momentous online image with the information you offer; the more genuine you are, the more credibility you would earn. Additionally, you can commence consultations based on the same credibility and charge for it. The approach is business-oriented and hence, you can make easily make money using this technique.

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads can be put into use if you want your content to fetch advertisements for you. Depending upon the traffic of the website, you can get text links that link the text of your content to advertisements. This way you can get a fixed amount each month irrespective of the clicks made. It is a completely automated system in which you can submit your blog to Text-Link ads website and you would get fruitful returns without trying anything out of the league.

Thus, by using these methods you can monetize your blogging experience to your favor. Don’t miss trying out these strategies as blogosphere fully supports marketing modes. Making money via blogs doesn’t require technical finesse but grabbing the right commercial services to convert visits into bucks.

7 thoughts on “6 Easy Ways to Make Money Through Blogging

  1. Thanks for the tips. I think its quite easy to make money online if you know what to do and where to look and where to find your audience! This is a very clear post and definatley lays things out clearly!

  2. nice tips, but to get money from visitors is the easiest thing. The hardest part is to get visitors, haha:))

  3. I just the donation button on my blog about 6 months ago as a test run and to my surprise some of my visitors are actually donating $$$. Not a lot but enough to cover my domain names and hosting cost. I never ask my visitors too contribute, I just had a donation button where the money automatic go to my PayPal account.

  4. Thank you for sharing this post, it is very clear and will be very useful. I agree with the majority of comments, being able to monetise your site is quite simple. The biggest challenge is getting traffic to your site. Once you have the traffic, you’ll get more clicks through adsense, more products sold and more affiliate sales.

  5. The text adds are so cool! I think the Google ads and the text ads go hand and hand. I think you also need to focus on your traffic as well. Thank you for the tips. I think newbies will always find this helpful.

  6. Just browsing “Google” and I happen to see your blog…. My question is where do you post your blogs? And how do you get your payment? Because you say that you can earn money from it. I’m not a blogger but I’m interested to learn something about it.

    1. Hi Jer,

      There are many place where you can found information’s some are twitter, google, facebook.. Or you can start blogging related to the niche in which you have knowledge. You can get payments through cheque or paypal.

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