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Create Mobile Site With Google

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Google comes out ahead of the competition by launching tool that allows creation of mobile website. The tool allows you to create Mobile Site.

Due to the enormous growth of cellular intelligent Smartphone and the large number of content access from mobile Internet, Google has created a tool that is available within Google Sites for creating mobile sites.

Market already exists to transform plugin or create mobile versions of sites, but Google has released the tool that does it all for free. Through Google you can create a mobile version of your site, all in a simple and free.

Google Sites within the service there is a tool that allows building pages for mobile version.

The site offers several examples ready to be modified, where you can just select the template, load up the company logo, colors and other customization. After you made the changes just download the files and then send or upload to a hosting server.

If your site offers products or services on the Internet can be made through Google Checkout integration, and also enable Google Analytics to every page.

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  1. For now, I use the Carrington Mobile framework to make my blog mobile compatible. The best part is its completely free and the results are professional and elegant.

  2. Google Sites is a pain to work with. Using plugins for wordpress user is much more easier. I tried google sites but switched back to WP Touch Pro soon after.

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