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5 Simple Computer Tweaks to Improve Your Broadband Internet Speed

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You probably are becoming tired of your broadband internet messing up when you want to make use of it for important things. This is a terrible situation as it is capable of disrupting your online career. Many people enjoyed their broadband internet connection when it was newly bought, and after a long period of time they begin to experience the other side of their broadband internet connection. This type of situation might arise as a result of the fact that the computer being used with the broadband internet connection has not undergone any general check up since the broadband internet has been installed on it. If you are here because you need some tips on how to make your broadband internet connection perform better, then the five simple computer tweaks below are for you.

Clear cookies and cache

Your browser stores your private data, caches images of visited websites and keeps record of the time and the site you visit on the hard disk of your computer.  To tweak your computer to improve your broadband internet connection, you have to start form clearing the cache stored on your computer’s hard disk. You can clear the private data stored on your computer’s hard disk from the web browser you make use of the most. After doing this, we go to the next tweak.

Remove viruses

Viruses are very malicious. A single virus on your computer is enough to crash your operating system beyond recovery. There are millions of viruses unleashed on the internet every day, and a computer without an antivirus program is sure to receive one each day it visits the internet. If you don’t have an antivirus program on your computer, you have to install one today. You can visit any of these two sites to download an antivirus for free: avg and avast. I recommend these antivirus sites because they are the ones I use most and I can guarantee you of their performance.

Clean up your desktop

Your desktop is the next thing we are focusing on to make your broadband internet connection catch a breath of improvement. You desktop can contribute to what is making your broadband internet connection take ages before loading. Having too many files, folders and icons on your desktop can delay the performance of your broadband internet connection. Remove those files and folders that are not useful to you from your desktop and your computer will perform better also making your broadband internet to improve in connection.

Uninstall unnecessary applications

Many people fancy installing just any application they come about on the internet just because it’s for free. When there are too many applications installed on your computer, your computer will surely become slower than usual. Visit the control panel area and use the ‘add or remove programs’ option to uninstall the applications that are not useful to you. After doing this, restart your computer and your will see your broadband internet perform better.

Stop startup programs

Startup programs are another form of delaying factors in your computer which you have to deal with. Most of the programs you install on your computer are programmed to startup with the computer. The reason for this is majorly known to them. This process can affect the performance of your computer by slowing down the speed of the operating system. When the RAM becomes engaged, every other aspect of the computer has to wait. Stop programs from starting up with the computer to see your broadband internet perform better.

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9 thoughts on “5 Simple Computer Tweaks to Improve Your Broadband Internet Speed

  1. i still understand how icons on desktop can slow down your internet connection.

  2. Great post. Thank you very much !!!

  3. I disable some start up applications to maintain speed in my PC

  4. I am fully suffered from my internet speed . i have implement these technique and found that these are really helpful for me . Thanks for sharing

  5. I guess the one that really worked when I did some of the tips is stopping start up programs. It made my net speed a bit faster. But I haven’t tried having to uninstall unnecessary applications because I have to check those one by one.

  6. viruses and desktop icons actually cannot slow down you internet connection. However, it may slow down your whole computer, so your internet browser may be slowed too.

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