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What is Google Inbox and how does it work?

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Google Inbox is a smart intervention to email that makes your inbox more intelligent. However, Google inbox is in no way replacement for Gmail app. Google Inbox takes your email experience to a new level. It includes reminders, tasks, flight info, photos, videos, your purchases and much more.


Google Inbox groups messages all together in a single line, making it easy to dismiss an entire group of messages and thus saving your time.

How does it work?

Treat your messages like tasks.

Google Inbox comes with features that will help you prioritize your emails so that the most important remains visible and others vanish. You will able to pin emails to the top of the Inbox with the pin icon. This will keep your message in the front regardless of when it was received or to which category it belongs.

On the home page of Google Inbox you can choose to see only your important and pinned mails by tapping the pin which appears at the top of the screen. Inbox also comes with search option. You can search your entire inbox by tapping the magnifying glass on the home page.

Pin, Snooze and Done

The snooze feature will allow you to set date and time for Google inbox to remind you of a mail. This feature may not be unique for Mailbox users. But this feature is gradually becoming a standard email feature.

Similar to mailbox, inbox by Google lets you mark emails you no longer need in your inbox as “Done”. You will get more space in your inbox as emails marked as “done” will be archived and removed from your immediate view. This feature may prove to be useful or a troublesome depending on the situation. “Move to Trash” feature still lives. If you are not comfortable with “Done” feature, you can delete your mails by three-dot icon at the top of the open messages in Google Inbox.

Organize and Compose

The very first thing you will notice in Google Inbox is your emails will be grouped into bundles. Inbox home page separates your emails by Today, yesterday, this month, etc.

Bundle is an attempt by Google to organize like mails into categories. This feature will be really useful in case your inbox is flooding with combination of work and personal mails. Google Inbox will come in handy with automatic organization.

You will be even able to add your own bundles plus you get the full control on types of mails entering your bundle.

To compose new mails, you will have to tap a red plus button which appears at the bottom of the home page. You can also create reminders which will be available at the top of your inbox home page.

Overall experience

Google Inbox is no doubt smarter and intelligent way to deal with emails. It may possibly come out as an alternative option to current Gmail app. However, these are the early days for Inbox and hence it would take some time to make inbox more perfect and bug free.

Until Google inbox is available to all, it will be hard to measure its success.

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