Gmail 5.0 – A Material Makeover

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We have been witnessing updates from Google to its existing services and apps from last couple of weeks. All the updates for different services have one thing in common and that is of course “all new material design”. And the same theory applies to the new Gmail 5.0 app for Android.


A complete material makeover, support for other mail accounts like Outlook, Yahoo, etc., is all what you get in the new Gmail 5.0 app. Let’s take a look.

Big and Beautiful Red action bar

The very first thing that will catch your eye is the big and beautiful red action bar at the top of the Gmail 5.0 app for android. All new Material design is what we are dealing with in this new Gmail 5.0. By tapping the hamburger icon you will able to see menu, labels and settings for your account. You will be able to take advantage of Google’s email search by tapping onto magnifying glass icon on the red action bar.

A fun little floating red button

A floating red button on the bottom right corner will let you compose your new mail. After tapping on the red little button, you will land onto the compose window, which of course has a complete new material makeover. You can attachment/send/menu, cc/bcc options at the action bar of the compose window.

However, in terms of settings, notification and swiping, the rest of the Gmail 5.0 app is almost same. Some of the functions have remained constant, for instance swipe to archive/delete works the same as it used to.

The Gmail 5.0 app for android comes with third party email and exchange support and that is quite useful. You can add and manage account by tapping into hamburger icon where you will find “Add account” option. By tapping on “Add account” option, you would have to choose from three choices: Google, Personal (Outlook, Yahoo, etc), or Exchange. According to the selection of your choice, Gmail 5.0 app will let you through simple steps to set up your account. After setting up, you will be able to see your account in slideout menu’s drop down. The Gmail 5.0 app is now available for /download on Play store itself. Enjoy yourself with the new material makeover.

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