How to Tweet Your Way into More Blog Popularity

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You can use Twitter to make your blog more popular. In fact, Twitter will help you to spread the word about your blog virally. Viral marketing is a good way to promote your blog. It’s also a cost-effective way to get more visitors into your blog.


And the good news is that you can use Twitter to build your blog popularity. Here are some tips to tweet your way into more blog popularity:

Create your own #hashtag

Announce to your blog visitors that you have your own #hashtag for your blog. Ask your visitors to put the #hashtag in their tweet whenever they mention your blog. Creating your own #hashtag will help you to make your blog stand out on Twitter. You can also attract people’s attention quickly. Also, creating #hashtag is useful to keep your followers informed with your blog’s events and happenings.

Think of it as small advertisement for your blog

Most bloggers only put the title of their blog post along with the link to their post whenever they inform their followers about their new posts. This is not an effective method to attract traffic from Twitter. The best way to attract traffic from Twitter is to think of your tweet as a small advertisement for your blog. You have to make your tweet interesting, similar to when you create ad campaign for AdWords.

Tell your followers about your new posts

Keep your followers informed about your new posts. The best way to do this is to tweet whenever you publish a new post on your blog. This will keep your followers engaged with your blog. Also, you should keep in mind about the way you tell your readers. Make your tweet interesting. Don’t just copy your blog title into your tweet.

Join the trend

Do you see the trending topics on Twitter? Those are the topics with the most traffic. If you want to attract audience for your blog via Twitter, you should join the trend on Twitter. Connect what’s popular on Twitter with what’s happening on your blog. If you can connect the two together, then you’ll notice that people will start looking at your profile page on Twitter. Why? That’s because you’ve just exposed yourself in front of huge audience. If you do it often, then you’ll be able to gain more and more followers for your Twitter profile, as well as audience for your blog.

Those are some tips you can apply on your Twitter marketing. You can effectively improve your blog popularity by using Twitter in the right way.

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