YouTube Releases Upload Videos With Unlimited Time

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Until then you could just upload clips of up to 15 minutes Running YouTube. But this will change for many users. At least if you behave well and follow the board rules.

In July, YouTube changed the time limit for videos 10 to 15 minutes to all users, and now most users can post videos with unlimited time. The limit was changed to “selected users with a history of complying with the guidelines of the community YouTube and follow rules of copyright. ”

That is, if you already did uploads movies integers in several separate parts, you can not have unlimited limit, but if you have complied with all rules of Google you can do uploads comfortably.

To make sure that you are free to make uploads more than 15 minutes Just click the button “Send” At the top of site and see if your account is qualified.

3 thoughts on “YouTube Releases Upload Videos With Unlimited Time

  1. Unlimited videos. so soon we will start seeing the whole movies in single video on the youtube ?

    1. yes, you can see or upload the whole movie in a single video on youtube… the service is for some selected profile….

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