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Have you ever bothered to measure the speed of your Internet connection? It is now becoming very common to use broadband internet. And on work while at home access to the Internet becomes increasingly important to gain time on various tasks. However it is very important to know if our service provider is actually providing an acceptable band according to their contract.

Below I leave a tip for you five excellent sites to measure internet speed and really know how fares your broadband service:


SpeakEasy is a broadband service provider and also provide to check your internet speed with accuracy. It shows download and upload speed of your internet service provider.


SpeedTest is one of my favorite tool to check my internet speed. They verify if your Internet service provider is delivering the connection speed they promised.


If you find any changes in your internet connection, do check your speed and inform your service provider to get best of your money.


Bandwidthplace calculate almost actual internet speed. You can test your internet speed in no time and can show the proof to internet service provider if you are not getting the desired speed.


InternetSpeedTest is a broadband speed analysis tool. It provide unique global statistics. The tool is much faster than other tools.

How these tools help you out? Share your favorite tool if it’s not in the list?

5 thoughts on “Measure Your Internet Speed

  1. Thanks for sharing these tools …. I always use Speedtest to test my internet speed 😉

  2. I have been searching for a different speed test tool because my provider which is comcast might not be accurate with their own speed test tool. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Hm..never tried such a tool, let’s see if my Internet needs some fuel.

  4. I Checked my speed and It’s 8.75 Mbps ..Lol!!!

  5. wow nice tools for checking Internet speed…………thanks for sharing

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