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5 Reasons why Magento and Facebook should work together for your shop

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Today there’s hardly any Marketing Specialist left, who would deny that we have entered in the era of social media. If you want to make your brand or company popular, if you want your revenue to skyrocket and customers to passionately look forward to launch of every next product you need to learn how to turn social media in your big helper.


Recently there has been a huge research on social media and eCommerce interaction finished. It analyzed data from more than 37 million visits generated by all kinds of social media to figure what works best for eCommerce. The leader crown of the list belongs to Facebook, which is becoming one of the main lead-generators Internet has ever seen. According to statistics Magento online shops that focus on Facebook interaction get around 63% of all traffic generated by Facebook. This means that by getting more social active, your business will definitely become more prosperous as well.

“But why?” – you might ask. There are a number of good reasons why Magento Facebook marketing might be the very thing your online store needs.

Increase reaching your audience

The main power of Facebook Magento shop might want to use is that almost any person in English speaking world has his personal account in it. This means that by using Facebook you have access to an enormous audience that no other marketing channel can offer you. All you need to do is find those who might be interested in what you sell and help them to know your product better. If you do it right, sky is the limit for increasing your audience.

Make your brand noticeable

Having a Branded Facebook account is a great way to make your brand more noticeable. Show your customers that there are real people behind your Magento shop. Sharing a few pieces of news on how you are doing, what company’s plans and aims are would be a great start for building company-customer relationship for long years. Facebook will let Magento shop get right into customer’s news feed, which is probably the first thing he checks when he wakes up and the last thing when he goes to bed.

Make your Brand the most popular “guy in the neighborhood”

Having thousands of followers on a social media page is a life dream of any ambitious company. There are plenty reasons for that, but the main one is the so-called word of Internet mouth: if an Internet User sees that thousands of people follow this or that brand, there’s a huge probability that he will subscribe as well and join the admiring crowd.

Building a Facebook fan audience is a hard work, but thanks to special Magento extensions, you can make this process fun. Offer discounts for following your Magento store in Facebook and prepare for rapid growth of followers. This is a zero-fault way to build great social audience in no time.

Take advantage of Social Promotions

Another great way to use Facebook for Magento shop development is to provide special promotions for those who are already following you in the social networks. It’s proved that in case a potential customer finds a coupon or discount, the probability that he will buy something in the Magento shop that has issued this coupon increases by 30%. Pretty good result, right?

Improve customer interaction

And finally don’t forget what social media was created for: it’s a great platform for communication. Facebook is a perfect place to ask your customers about their hopes and frustrations and build a solid relationship for many years.

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