Playstation 4 Updates: A Universal Remote made Available from Performance Designed Products

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Sony is not stopping and remains to be one of the top names when it comes to gaming products and devices available in the market. This coming October, a universal remote control for the Playstation 4 will be available from the Performance Designed Products, as reported earlier in news.


The PDP’s Universal media remote for PS4 was earlier leaked in Amazon and Gamestop and has become a hype to Sony and PS4 fans all over the world. The Bluetooth-based remote control will be available for $29.99 from both stores as its retail price.

The Universal Media Remote will be an accessory available solely and licensed for the Sony Computer Entertainment. As the peripheral becomes available this coming October, Playstation 4 enthusiasts are surely going to enjoy the upgraded gameplay and experience this device will offer.

The Universal remote is a unit that can control up to four devices — the PS4, television, the set-top box, and the audio receiver. Imagine how convenient it would be if all the different remotes you use will be available in one piece of device. Gamers will have plenty of time to enjoy their video games. The remote will also include the PS4’s power, PlayStation, Options, and Share buttons giving the user complete control of the whole system even without a DualShock4. Illuminate buttons are not featured in the Universal remote.

The PlayStation 4 can also play Blu-ray disks just like the earlier versions of the gaming console. With the addition of new application, a variety of media files will also be available. The PS4 unlike the PS3 does not have an official remote control; thus, the need for a DualShock 4 to control playback of Blu-ray disks and other medias are not possible. Logitech may have added PS4 support to its Harmony last June but they can’t control the console’s power, something the PDP’s Ultimate Remote can do.

The PlayStation 4 remains to be the best gaming console released by Sony when it comes to dazzling graphics and logical interface. Broadcast gameplay online and direct competition has now surpassed the expectations of gamers with the release of the PS4. It even doubles as a Blu-ray player and a very solid and sleek streaming box.

The PS4, with all its glorious and beautiful graphics, smart interface, and high-end performance and a near-perfect controller plus the PDP’s Ultimate remote, brings a different kind of edge to the PS4 against its contemporaries like the Xbox One.

Though both gaming consoles are closely matched, the release of the PDP’s Universal remote (tagged with a desirable price) will definitely bring a different kind of experience to the Sony gamers — something Microsoft has to work hard on. As new impressive titles are being released for the PS4, like the Bloodborne and the Order 1886, things will definitely be different in the gaming industry. But as expected, Microsoft will sooner or later come up with an equivalent peripheral to match that of the PDP’s Universal remote for the PlayStation 4.

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