3 New Post Ideas to Spruce Up a Tired Blog

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Blogging has become one of the most popular and lucrative industries online today. Many businesses are using blogging as a part of their content marketing strategy and many people are trying out blogging as a second flexible career. Blogging can be an extremely rewarding endeavor. Not only are you able to share your thoughts and expertise on a topic of your interest, you can do your work on your own schedule and at your own pace.

For these reasons, blogging has become an ever more popular pursuit for millions of people around the globe. But with more people trying it out, the harder it is becoming to be truly original and unique online. Try these three new post formats to spice up your blog a little and stand out among the rest.


Of course traditional well-crafted text posts are going to remain the most important aspect of your blog. However, podcasting can offer an interesting and unique way to dispatch information on your blog and break you out of endless typing. Try doing a weekly podcast of a topic or theme you are really passionate about. Podcasting provides your readers with a more personal and effortless experience on your blog. Rather than having to read through an entire post, they can simply sit and listen to you. This feels more personal and allows them to approach your material in a different way. It is wise to have an overarching theme for your podcasts to help tie them together and make them fit in the blog more smoothly.

Video Posts

Video posting is also a wonderful way to break out of the constant typing craze and give your readers a bit more insight into your lives. Oftentimes, blogging can feel somewhat impersonal, but with video blogging you are able to be more transparent with your readers. Try doing a monthly video post on a topic that you are really excited about. Though there is no way yet to use SEO strategies in videos, they are a great way to change up your blogging routine a bit. Be sure that your video and audio are clear. Video blogging is great format for instructional videos or humor. Try using this tool to your advantage and allow your readers to get a bigger insight into your life and mind.


Pictures have been a common feature in blogs for some time. Of course, nearly all of us post pictures alongside our blog posts, but this isn’t exactly what I mean. Rather than just placing a picture that relates to your posts on your blog, try featuring a detailed graphics as a post. Infographics are becoming more and more popular today. Try posting infographics that you find only that you think are interesting or that pertain to your blog topic. Of course, you should credit the owner of the graphic. But this is a wonderful way to liven up your blog a little and give your readers something fun and new.

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  1. Graphical representations are the best in terms of time spent and shared by the users. It helps you gain more recognition online.

  2. Very funny photo, but actually it suits to the topic of this post best of all. all the tips you offered can be very effective, and especially placing video on a blog. It can make any blog more interacctive, so to say

  3. Great points Angelita! Doing a quick poll or a quiz is also a break from the monotony and a fun way to interact with readers.

  4. Videos section and podcast can do wonders for your blog.I have also started videos section for my blog.

  5. Podcasting is one such topic which is always confusing to me. I tried my hands on it so many times but never get the success. Hope the other two works for my blog.

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