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When it comes to enjoyment, music plays a very important role. For some, it works as a mood booster and also a stress buster for many. If you are among those who love to enjoy a high quality audio file at your media devices, then you will definitely be interested to enhance that with a high quality speakers and I suppose it is the right place to read as we are going to take you to an amazing product, i.e. BSP 10 “bluetooth speaker” introduced by SONY that will let you cherish your favorite music in a more portable and easy way. It’s a new entry in the wireless zone with Bluetooth and Near Field Communications (NFC) pairing for your smartphones.

sony bsp 10 bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth is one of the most popular options among wireless speakers and most of the devices are enabled with Bluetooth, be it a smartphone or a computer. So this device will never let you down and always give you an option to play music aloud or chill at your home back from office. Now let me tell you something about NFCs, it is also a wireless technology that gets generated from radio frequency waves and transfers data among two devices that are held within a range. Though it is not that regular feature but it’s soon going to be a new revolution towards the digital world.

Sony BSP 10 Bluetooth Speaker comes with a high-quality audio, hands-free calling, 5 W speaker power, Qi charging, compatible with Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets or PCs, with availability in white and black color variants. The pack of box contains a new designed wireless speaker, a micro- USB cable and a small grey pouch to make it more handy. It can also turn into a wired connection to play music from your devices with its micro-USB data cable.

Now come to its specifications:

Wireless Connectivity

This speaker works with all audio streaming devices that supports Bluetooth, example, Android, iOS, Windows, MAC and PCs. It supports various Bluetooth profiles such as, A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution profile), AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile), HFP (Hands-free Profile) and HSP (Headset Profile).

Bluetooth usually gives a lower audio quality and distance issues over a range. But this technology comes with a range of more than 33 feet coverage which is better than an average wireless speaker.


BSP 10 speaker has an in-built rechargeable battery feature and it gets charged through a USB port at the bottom of the speaker, near to which is a LED light that glows while charging. It glows red while charging, and turns green when it is fully charged. It also supports charging with both AC adapter and a Qi wireless plate.

It takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to charge the device fully via USB connector or AC adapter and can give you a playback time of 10 hours and 24 days, nearly more than 500 hours in standby.

Unique Design

This is a tiny pocket speaker and has a portable design with 6cm height and a diameter of 8cm, it weighs around 300gms, color variants are black and white, a volume increase and decrease control buttons and also a call answering control button for incoming calls. In order to receive calls it has an in-built microphone with a good sound quality. It also goes to an automatic power saving mode if it is kept idle.

You can see a Bluetooth and NFC logo on top of the speaker with an LED light glowing blue when it connects to a Bluetooth. The + and – signs are controlling the volume level and there is a call button near to it for receiving or ending incoming calls with a small microphone near it.

You can easily detect it in a Bluetooth as it comes with a name BSP 10 and pair it within seconds once a blue light glows and lets you enjoy the list of audio. It gives a great music with high bass and good even for calls. I have been enjoying this for a while and this would be an awesome pick for those who love to enjoy music.

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  1. It takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to charge the device fully via USB connector or AC

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