Tips for Making Even More Money for your Website or Blog

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If you are already making money off of your blog or website, congratulations are in order. You are doing something that people all over the globe dream of. Working independently online via the web as your own boss is something that millions of people must dream about all over the globe.

Your online activities may be a full time gig for you, or you could be using your blog or website to just make some extra spending money. It doesn’t matter how much you are making with your site, you could be making more with very minimal effort.

Regardless of what kind of blog or website you have, the following tips can help you make the most out of it. The following are the top three tips to help you make even more money for your website or blog. While not the only things you can do to boost your income, these three easy tips can allow you to take your existing income to the next level.

Do SEO better.

If you don’t already know about SEO (search engine optimization), you need to not do SEO better, but you need to start doing it PERIOD. SEO is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site and make more money.

The odds are great, however, that you know about SEO, and you probably even incorporate some elements of SEO already. You probably aren’t enjoying the maximum impact of your SEO activities because you don’t incorporate all elements of SEO into a complete campaign.

You may need to bring on an expert, or you may need to spend a few extra hours to do the dirty work. No matter how you do it, optimize your site for maximum profits. This means changing your site’s code to make it more friendly to search engines, a rewrite of some of your content to include more or better keywords, a blogger outreach effort to get more backlinks and more. All in all, this could mean a lot of time spent (by you or a hired pro), but the boost in visitors and income will make it well worth it.

Make your pages clean and focused.

If you want to make more money from your website or blog, be sure that your page is not distracting. Every page or post should help to lead visitors to do whatever it is that will make you money. Your pages should draw the focus to what will turn a profit.

It doesn’t matter if you want them to subscribe to something, buy a service, purchase a product, or click on a link or ad. Whatever the money making action is, it should be prominent on the page, and there shouldn’t be lots of other distracting content to lead visitors to something else. Do this by keeping your design simple and clean, making whatever you want them to do almost unavoidable.

Advertise your site or blog.

You probably have heard the expression about spending money to make money, and that is exactly what advertising is. Putting up ads on other blogs and websites can help to build awareness of your brand, blog, business, or website.

As you set up ads, you can do Google Adsense ads or others that follow the pay per click method. Most of these allow you to spend only a pre-determined amount, so if your ad is clicked often, it will be pulled before you break the bank. Others require that you pay a one-time fee for your ad to be hosted for a period of time.

Advertising with affiliates may make sense for many. You will only pay out to your affiliates when the ads they have placed lead directly to some sort of sale. This means you only pay for advertisements that are working; if no one clicks on the ad and makes a purchase, your advertising is totally free.

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  1. Nice write up, however If you could also include the sources of online income in this article then it would been more fun to read. Affiliate marketing can be included here.

    1. Hi Vikas,

      We will sure come up with a post on affiliate marketing and sources of income. Thanks for dropping your views.

  2. SEO is one of the best way of getting more and more traffic. As it’s a good way of earning. First of all we know all the strategies of SEO. The content should be crystal clear. All steps discussed above are very helpful and creative.

    1. Great, you liked the post. Welcome to Cyber World.

  3. Do not get your blog or webpage to look like a blinking Christmas tree full of banners and ads, the readers leave direct the page. Creating trust and confidence first with the readers before trying to sell them things

  4. Well i think keeping the code of website clean and driving organic traffic helps increase revenues earned through a website

  5. Hi Kevmor!

    I think keeping your website clean can be a great way to grab more readers and tend to buy/engage in any products you have. Just be patient then if you have website to run with ‘coz its really hard to build trust to your prospect customers. Just be careful.

  6. Great article. Its true about keeping the page clean, the directions clear and the content concise. A great article can live online for years so be sure to get the copywriting job done first. Since Nov 2011 my blog has generated a four figure income and i didn’t even know what WordPress was when I set out. Just keep reading the articles, learning from the experts and it will all be fine.

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