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Almost everyone knows their way around a computer these days, but as the number of tech users increases, so does the need for tech-experts. If you’ve spent your time learning about programming, or even just picked up some computer skills along the way, you are valuable.



For the first time in history, tech professionals are both abundant and in high demand. Here are some prevalent ways you can monetize your tech skills:

Website Development

This might be an obvious place to start, but it needs saying. There are plenty of businesses that haven’t set up a proper website yet or their website is a horror show of design mistakes. These people need us. Having a presence on the web is absolutely necessary in this age and having a well-functioning site is paramount. Without adequate online visibility and a legitimate website, there’s no hope for them to keep up with market competition.

If you want to get into some web development, particularly if you’re new to the industry, keep your eye out for sites that need updating. A simple email to their webmaster, offering your services for a reasonable fee, can bring in plenty of work. You’ll drastically expand the number of people who accept your offer if you can make a good argument why investing in your skills is good for their business. Web development is something that you can always have as an evolving skill as you continue forward in a career. As you advance, you’ll become vital to those that utilize your knowledge and services.

App Development

Mobile apps have exploded as the most popular tech format. Companies, products, and websites alike have begun to put resources into producing apps that can sit on customers’ smartphones as an accessible and digestible portal to their content. It’s the new fad, and it’s not going anywhere.

The best thing you can do to get into this vein of tech is to be at least familiar with the various programming languages used for mobile apps (like JavaScript) and also the IDEs used for each platform, many of which are free to use. Also helpful is the fact that the giants of the app world tend to be fairly friendly to independent developers: Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and others will distribute your independent app for a chunk of your profit.

Game Development

Game development has become a popular career destination for students of art. The massive popularity of video and computer games has led to the boom of the industry for artists and tech people alike. The partnership of tech and art is a beautiful thing to see, as the symbiosis will allow plenty of opportunities for enterprising young people.

If you’re worried about breaking into the industry because you think it’s dominated by big dogs like EA, you’re happily mistaken. Independent or “indie” game developers have become regular contributors to the pool of popular games. Also, if your indie team garners enough attention, you could find yourself picked up by one of the larger companies like Valve.

Cloud IT

Another growing tech branch is that of the cloud. Keep in mind that many businesses, particularly small ones, are still trying to play catch-up with the aforementioned websites and could greatly benefit from your expertise. The benefits of using cloud technology in business are myriad and easy to explain to even the least tech-savvy business owner. By pushing them straight into the cloud model, you’ll be saving them time and money. Also, now that programs like Azure are around, cloud use is even more viable than ever.

To Conclude

The newest generation of tech is exciting and profitable. Its inner workings are also mysterious to the common user. You have the ability to build a place for yourself in the industry by presenting your skill set as a gateway between users and their interests. Whether it’s between a business owner looking to optimize sales or an artist who wants to design games, you are an indispensable piece of their business puzzle. You can carve out a place for yourself in this industry with no trouble at all if you recognize the value you possess!

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  1. hey…
    Interest in the field of gaming attracts people of all age groups.Interest in gaming sector provide you with all sort of gaming ideas and helps one to develop good gaming brain…

    1. Hey John, thanks for the reply.
      I agree. My favorite thing about the game industry is how it’s grown to include so many different groups of people. Gaming helps children develop cognitive skills, improves hand-eye coordination, and stimulates the brain functions of the elderly. Especially with all of the tech and art careers it creates, it really is for everyone.

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