New Featured Gadgets at CES 2012

With tons of new technology gadgets on the floor of  CES 2012 that happens in Las Vegas, USA, we have picked some interesting and strange Gadgets to share. LG Blast Chiller To the delight of lovers of beverages, Blast Chiller is a new compartment located inside the refrigerator. It lets out a strong jet of […]

Nokia Mix Radio on the Lumia 800

One of the biggest new features of the iPhone 4S has been the iCloud support, which includes cloud support for iTunes. With this you can download music from iTunes to all of your iOS devices, and also get access to music that you have previously purchased from iTunes on any of your iOS devices. So […]

Technology Predictions for 2012

As every year, leading companies begin to disclose their technology predictions for 2012. IDC released a list few days ago and the Gartner Group also released a list. Both are based on market analysis prepared by experts of their respective companies. Check out technology trends made by them for 2012 and future years. IT will move […]

4G – The future of Technology

It can become a little too easy to get swallowed up in the world of advertising for mobile devices. Companies have created, changed, and overused buzzwords to the point that very few customers even realize exactly what they are getting when they turn on that phone for the first time. Some companies have decided to […]

Top 3 Workstation Laptops

How Is A Workstation Laptop Different From A Normal Laptop? Workstation laptops are a fairly recent innovation in computer technology, and usually designed for use by business professionals. The power contained in these laptops far exceeds what the average user requires, as workstation laptops focus on running graphics intensive applications such as CAD programs and product […]

10 Advanced Technologies of the 2000’s

Today, if any thing is really growing is Technology. As advance technologies is growing we are getting more into it. Take a quick look at 10 advance technologies started in 2000’s. 1. Growing popularity of broadband, gradually replacing the dial-up Internet. 2. Bluetooth grows the concept of wireless network. 3. Microsoft releases Windows XP (2001), […]

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