4G – The future of Technology

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It can become a little too easy to get swallowed up in the world of advertising for mobile devices. Companies have created, changed, and overused buzzwords to the point that very few customers even realize exactly what they are getting when they turn on that phone for the first time. Some companies have decided to push for 3D technology while others have gone the way of voice automation. There is still one question that every customer would like to know: How fast is it?
When it comes to speed, the future is 4G technology. All of the best mobile broadband packages are now offering this amazing new high-speed connection to their customers, but very few are explaining how it has improved over the previous generations of mobile connection speeds. It requires a very close inspection of this new technology to fully understand how it is going to revolutionize the mobile industry with speeds that very few ever thought would be possible.

First thing is first, the name. 4G simply means that a device or wireless network adheres to the 4th generation of mobile technology standards. The International Telecommunication Union sets these standards very strictly so as the mobile industry and its customers will all be using the same wording for their products and services. As the 4th generation of mobile technology, 4G devices are expected to download data at 1 Gbit per second while stationary and 100 Mbit per second while on the move, such as in a vehicle.

While these numbers are not quite yet being achieved, the industry is on the cusp of these amazing speeds as they continue to build a worldwide infrastructure that will support 4G devices. There are quite a few other questions that potential 4G customers are continuing to ask about their 3G and 4G smart phones and tablet PCs though. Most wonder if this technology is necessary to upgrade to, or simply a buzzword. For those that want the absolute best mobile broadband packages, the answer is yes.

4G networks are continuously upgraded around the world to offer speeds that are not attainable on any other network. In fact, in many major cities, 4G networks have already bypassed the broadband internet speeds that are offered in many homes. Unfortunately, these speeds are not the case for every smart phone owner.

Due to the complexity of creating a high-speed 4G network, not all areas are receiving coverage quite yet. For those with 3G mobiles and tablets that tend to have a patchy connection, 4G will most likely not solve their woes. It is also not an absolute necessity for those that stick to simple text messaging and generic phone calls. These speeds are put in place for customers that are looking to use their phone as a platform for streaming videos, surfing the web, and other features that require the exchange of large amounts of data over a network.

Now, when advertisers say 4G, every customer should know exactly what they are talking about. 4G is an integral part of all the best mobile broadband packages and the technology that has come to revolutionize the mobile industry forever. As phone manufacturers and service providers expand their offerings of 4G devices and networks, customers can now purchase with confidence.

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  1. I don’t know anyone who provides the 4g service, so i think that’s still early to think about this. When this will be available on the market, i bet that the prices will be quite high.

  2. How can we talk about it, if it hasn’t appeared yet? That’s why I completely agree with Mia. We can only predict that the prices will be very high, and that’s all

  3. This is an informative article.But I think its too early to say about the benefits of 4G.As a person from Asia I think we will wait more to get 4G services because in many Asian countries 3G has been introduced not a long time ago.And ultimately Telecom companies will need to invest significant amounts of capital to upgrade their networks and it is certainly going to take time

  4. So basically 4G is about faster internet speed on mobiles, let’s see when it’s come.

  5. 4g is truly latest in terms of speed and experience will show rest.

  6. it is the valuable article. It provides the information about 4g service. It is very useful to us

  7. Spencer,

    Excellent post.

    Not many devices support 4G yet, but the ipad 3 does.

    Although not sure how much it cost with data plan, but the 4G feature is there.



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