8 Simple Ways to Generate More Blog Traffic

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No one likes talking to an empty room. It’s discouraging, lonely, and let’s face it, you look silly doing it. By the same token, it’s depressing writing a blog that few people, if anyone, bother to look at. You need eyeballs. You need page views. What’s more, you need them to keep coming back. Here are eight easy ways of increasing your blog’s traffic.


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“Hello? Anyone? Bueller?”

  • Avoid The Missing Link. Whenever you create a profile for a social media site such as Facebook or Google+, by all means make sure that you include links to your blog. Your blog is a part of you, and your profile tells people who you are, so leaving out something as basic as your blog information is practically criminal neglect.
  • Keywords Are Key Words. It can be easy to forget to add key words to your blog posts, but really, this is important, especially if your blog is dedicated to a certain interest or subject. You should have keywords that reflect the content and tone of your blog. However, it’s a tightrope act, making sure that you are doing justice to your blog by putting in good keywords but avoiding the temptation to put in keywords that have little if anything to do with the subject at hand. Take the high road and don’t get cute. Keep keywords relevant.
  • Shameless Self Promotion. If this concept makes you feel uncomfortable, then perhaps blogging isn’t for you. But if you blog, it’s because you believe that your knowledge, your opinions, and your writing style are worth unleashing on the Internet community, so you need to make sure people know you exist. Reference old blog posts of yours (when relevant, of course), including a hyperlink, when posting elsewhere. Do you use Twitter? Use your account to drive traffic to your blog. Accept people’s invitations to do a guest blog for their site, and vice versa. Get your name, your brand, out there. People can’t read what they don’t know exists.
  • Eye Candy. Pay attention to your site’s design. Make sure your site has a good look to it, something that reflects your personality. Put in some eye-catching photos and graphics, if you can swing it.
  • Become A Presence In Similar Communities. Do you have a blog devoted to a particular subject? Then make sure you join and post on similar sites. For instance, if you have a blog about the Boston Red Sox, then it makes sense to post on Boston.com’s sports page, as well as the New England Sports Network (NESN) and the Boston Red Sox official site.
  • Become A Presence In Other Blogs. If you want people to check out your blog, it makes sense that you visit theirs as well, and give feedback/commentary.
  • You Got Mail! Insert a hyperlink to your blog in your e-mail signature. That’s an easy way to get the word out to a large audience (provided you consistently use your e-mail, of course!). It’s one of those things you just need to set up once, and from that point on, you are passively promoting your site every time you write an e-mail.
  • Feed Me, Seymour! Set up an RSS feed so that readers can subscribe to your blog and know when it’s been updated.

Ultimately, you must choose which methods work best for you. But the bottom line is, you need to make sure people know that you’re out there and that you have worthwhile things to say. Then, of course, you have to make sure your blog has worthwhile content!

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