New Featured Gadgets at CES 2012

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With tons of new technology gadgets on the floor of  CES 2012 that happens in Las Vegas, USA, we have picked some interesting and strange Gadgets to share.

LG Blast Chiller

To the delight of lovers of beverages, Blast Chiller is a new compartment located inside the refrigerator. It lets out a strong jet of cold air in a small space for food storage, Which can cool a soda to ice cold in just a few minutes

Samsung OLED TV

Like LG, Samsung presented its  55-inch super OLED TV, including Dual core processing, Full HD Dual screen technology, New gesture, movement and voice control system for Smart TV.

Razer Fiona Tablet 

The Razer Fiona is a tablet aimed at games lovers. With a super configuration including an Intel Core i7, it comes equipped with two analog joystick and also uses the multi-touch.

Blue Spark Digital

This is not strange. It is a kind of retro digital microphone with model made for iPad. It can be used to play old-school disc for example.

Zik’s Starck Parrot

It is a headset made of aluminum. It has the functions of noise canceling internal proximity sensor to automatically play when you put them, if you take it to the ear ringing. Besides being sensitive to the touch and have the bluetooth fitted as standard.

Sony Xperia S

The newest smartphone from Sony. In terms of configuration it is not very different from its predecessor. Uses a 4.3 display, 8MP camera, dual-core processor and Android operating system.


For younger people who have not seen the vinyl record, this is the opportunity to learn a little the media that was used before. The ION allows you to listen to vinyl records, plus the ability to convert the audio to the computer through the USB connection.

Origin Genesis

Among desktops, the main highlight was the company Origin. It showed newest machine to run games. Genesis uses the Intel Core i7 2700k with a factory overclock to 5.7 GHz working to make the processor cooling, the PC cooling system uses “Phase Change”, keeping the temperature around 40 degrees negative (-40 °). In addition it can use up to four video cards at the same time. Nvidia (SLI) or ATI (CrossFire).

7 thoughts on “New Featured Gadgets at CES 2012

  1. Technology never stops advancing as the years change. Of all the featured gadgets on this site, I liked the ION LP 2 GO best. It sort of gives you both worlds, the ability to listen to vinyls and at the same time the ability to convert the audio to the computer through the USB connection. Isn’t that sort of a blast from the past meets back to the future? 🙂

  2. Well those are some lovely as well as unique gadgets, It would be really awesome if one could get their hand on any of them ,does not matter which..because all of them are unique.

  3. All these gadgets are completely new for me and probably for the majority of people. Actually, as for me, then I think that the most interesting gadget is Samsung OLED TV. This is the beginning of new era of TV)

  4. Razer Fiona Tablet looks awesome!

  5. Love the Razer Fiona Tablet. Been thinking of getting one for myself.

  6. The Razer seems quite awesome. I’ve always loved the name razer since the days of world robot fighting competitions. Also the tablet looks amazing and the extra controls can really deliver a great gaming experience.

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